1. D

    BECFD-Withdrawals not possible- Seems like Frauds

    Hi, I am posting my case with a lot of hope here that I can get my hard earned money back. It all started by a call from Forex Trading Central and I registered in forextradingcentral.com. I tried withdrawal from the BECFD platform 7 times but got cancelled and BeCFD asked to contact account...
  2. TheManWhoGotScammed

    Help needed! Fxunit / Forextradingcentral

    Good Day Guys and Girls This might seem like weird request but i need help. I recently invested 10K with a company which my friends referred me too. Everything looked promising till about 3 days after I paid my monies. My friends warned me very quickly that the people doesn't want to pay out...
  3. J


    These are the biggest scammers ever. Lots of excuses, cannot withdraw money from the platform. Keeps pushing for more money. They have now been reported to Interpol. The credit card companies, local banks and to their accounts in Germany at Fidor bank. You will be pushed around between account...
  4. F


    Attention to this broker is a scam after more than 1 month I did not get any money back and the "analyst" Jack Nelson ask me to cancel my thread otherwise I will not get my money back! The deposit get registered as OSG broker Podgori that is already reported from others as spam. So attention...
  5. P

    Is FXUNIT.com Legit?

    Hi there, I have been approached by an account manager from FXunit.com. Anybody knows? Is this a legit company? The guy who called me, his name is Michael, but he has got an accent, defintely not english... He has suggested bonus too, but did not mention any terms around it for withdrawal etc...