1. rajakenyalang

    Fxunited/rjjfx.com hasn't pay my CGAT bonuses.

    Last year, my friend told me about an investment from FXUnited and the product is called CGAT. Invested USD2000.00 and promises with 11% bonuses per month for one year. Sometimes last year, the bonuses stop. First excuses was problem with the IB. Then asked us to transfer my bonuses to Perfect...
  2. R


    My name is Logeswari. I am from Malaysia, I was introduce by a friend and join as a forex trader in fxunited UGHL on 2015 , I was told fxunited is an legal entity registered with FMA New Zealand.But FMA replied fxunited never registered with FMA,This year july onwards I did not received any...
  3. S

    CGAT EA offered by FxUnited

    I would like to invest in CGAT EA offered by FxUnited. Please suggest, if it is safe to invest with FxUnited
  4. Archi

    GUILTY Case# 2014-038 | Archi vs fxunited.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.fxunited.com/ My Case is: In attempt to make request for withdrawal, the company cancelled all I wash profit and my deposit. I didn't receive the notification on it. On a site I found some comments in a private...
  5. Archi

    fxunited Scam

    All my money, including the deposit - cancelled. Refer - to news trade though I didn't find it in the agreement. And if so - the part of orders is open and closed in other than news time. These are swindlers - I can't contact them, they don't answer. on this screen a little that is...
  6. P

    FXUNITED.com is scam..refused to release our funds!!!! - Resolved

    My name is Albert,Nigerian and was introduced to FXunited by a friend of mine who had been using their services. At first,it seemed to be a very good broker and many loved them cos they don't have slippages,many people used them especially news traders and they did not complain about news...
  7. A

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