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  1. M

    GCMFX robbed me of €50k.

    GCMFX robbed me of €50k. They contacted me through a friendly chap Benjamin Ford who claimed to be a senior broker with them. I trusted him and the plan to have my money in a managed account which spread my fund so it could never fail. I got a Skype message from his colleague Alejandro Aller one...
  2. S

    Gallant Capital / Iamfx : will we see our money again ?

    Gcmfx declared itself bankrupt (see the text on their website: Dear Customers, Gallant Capital Markets, herein referred to as “the Company”, announced on Friday, April 14th, it has commenced a formal proceeding to restructure its balance sheet to better position itself for future opportunities...
  3. Spider4x

    Yadix deleted my profit, almost 8.000 €

    As I see there are other people, who had same or very similar problem with this broker as I do, here is my Case: Spider4x Vs where I have been scammed by this broker which is White Label of Gallant Capital Markets, in amount of almost 8.000 €. …but let´s start from beginning I...
  4. A

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