1. Mark Mc Donnell1


    Today in forex trading the GBP had strength and the AUD was weak. The movements were choppy but the GBP/AUD did make a strong movement early in the main session. This pair broke into the strong uptrend with lots more upside potential. This complete trading system along with our professional push...
  2. bigbax699

    GBPAUD which way will it go?

    Its monday, new day and a new week, so looking at a new pair GBPAUD . The big out look is that we have been bullish for a while in this weekly channel. Recent times have seen a sharp rise on this pair. Price currently sits quite high in this top range. I have a couple of ideas for trades on this...
  3. Haritsya

    Technicals and Trade Signals for Day Trading!!!

    Pair : GBPUSD Trade : Buy Target : 120 pips Duration : 8 Hours
  4. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current GBP Trading Plans

    GBP/AUD – D1 uptrend is in place, set buy alarm at 1.5935, target is around 1.6200 GBP/CAD – set two price alarms on this pair for buys, one at 1.6385, the other at 1.6425, this pair is approaching these major breakout prices with substantial upside potential after the breakout. GBP/NZD –...
  5. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current AUD Trading Plans

    GBP/AUD – strong down trend in place set sell alarm at 1.5185, target area is the 1.4800 area. AUD/NZD – strong up trend nearly formed set buy alarm at 1.2795, target is now the 1.3000 area. AUD/CHF – strong up trend in place set buy alarm at 0.9900, target is 1.0300 area When the...
  6. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current AUD Trading Plans

    The AUD is weak across the board. EUR/AUD – strong up trend look for buy signal in the main session, target is around 1.2800 GBP/AUD – strong up trend look for buy signal in the main session, target price is around 1.6000-1.6100 AUD/NZD – strong down trend set sell alarm at 1.2375...