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    GCI took my profits away

    I opened an MT4 account with the broker GCI (GCI Financial). In the beginning of April 2013 I deposited funds, and in the beginning of May 2013 I started trading. Suddenly, in the beginning of February 2014, GCI disabled my account, showing the balance 0, also the history was empty. I started...
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    GCI is a SCAM!!! don't let withdrawal money without any explanation or reason

    I'm a swinger trader, each trade of mine takes from couple of hours to couple of days. I never scalp or enter and exit a trade in a few minutes. I traded GCI for more than a year,and had a good trading experience. At the beginning of July I applied a withdrawal request in the amount of $10,066...
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    Legal Notice against GCI

    Dear FPA Members. I have sent a Legal Notice to Mr. Mitchell Vazquez CEO GCI Financial LTD. I am not leaving this Man alone. After this I Will contact the Court to file a case against Mr. Mitchell Vazquez for the Murder of my Son. I emailed them again n again telling them i need money. My Wife...
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    GCI's hide out Found Finally.

    Dear Peeps. It's been a while.... Busy life when you are Robbed for more 20k LOL!! Anyways i have major news regarding GCI. The owner and the address has been founds and below are the details. I may go my self there one day but people who can go, i suggest GO now and take you money back...
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    GCI - The News is Finally out

    Hey guys. Check out the link and watch the video. GCI's owner is finally down. Crowd Funding Mitch Vazquez Story gets Strong Start – New Canaan Trader Worried? « TERI BUHL Watch the interview on : Episode 260 — RT The interview starts at the 14th min of the video. Cheers
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    FIU in action

    Dear Sir, I am in receipt of your complaints against GCI to which the FIU is extremely sympathetic. To this end I have put a freeze on GCI's local account, however, this freeze is only good for 7 days unless you can provide me with documentation showing that you have filed a legal action in...
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    IFSC justifies

    Dear Sir, We have investigated your compliant. Enclosed please find a copy of GCI’s latest report on your case. We are satisfied that GCI has dealt with your case fairly and properly. If you are still not satisfied, you are advised to pursue legal remedies against...
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    Don't cry, Save your self

    This is for all who read visit FPA. People Come on, Why do we give chances to these Crooks to Rob us? I was robbed, caz i didn't see the facts. GCI located in Belize, If you ask your agent for a Ticket for Belize, He will confirm twice or thrice, Belize, What Belize, Did you say Belize Sir...