1. T

    GCITrading uses Swaps as heavy extra fees

    Is GCItrading SCAM? Does GCI Financial operate a SCAM platform? Yes. At least they scammed me in those dimensions: - They tricked me into business with unrealistic swap rates. - They used last minute swap rate change as extra fee, while their frequency and amount of swap rate change was out...
  2. C

    Trying to get my money back from GCI Trading

    Hello, I've been trying to get my money back from this company for over a month now. I have emailed my account manager ( Jacques Debruyne ) his email is: ( jacques@gcitrading.com ) numerous times, spoken numerous times on their Live Chat. They keep telling me that they are considering it, but...
  3. ZohaibK

    GCI Trading

    Hi, I have been trading with GCI and on my recent request for withdrawal, the company will not pass my funds. Upon my current research on your site, I found out that this company is a scam and was asked to leave from Belize and is now in Anguilla. Can you please help me on this.
  4. S

    Any one wana take Revenge on GCI?? join me

    Dear FPA Users. As most of you know me. I am a victim of GCI Financial LTD. Now The Term that is used to rip off people is 'OFF market trades'. In this thread i will basically Teach how to actually Trade on Off Market Trades and for the record, this only works with GCI Not on MT4 but on ICTS...
  5. M

    GCI fully scam company dont invest your fund ...

    Hello my friends and fellow traders , My name is Mukesh malani today i tell you about gci trading company scam with me ... i have invest some $ and make withdrawal after some days but that company all time told me wait wait or like you will receive your fund but not any fix date ???? then ask...
  6. O

    GCI took my profits away

    I opened an MT4 account with the broker GCI (GCI Financial). In the beginning of April 2013 I deposited funds, and in the beginning of May 2013 I started trading. Suddenly, in the beginning of February 2014, GCI disabled my account, showing the balance 0, also the history was empty. I started...
  7. M

    GCI Financial GCI Trading

    I recently deposited 500eur with GCI Financial or GCI Trading and started trading binary options.After 3 days i had profits of 13000eur but then my account went funny and my currency pair boxes vanished. I asked the live chat what was the problem and they said that they had technical problems...
  8. M

    GCI TRADING has looted all my profits

    I AM HAVING 2 TRADING A/C WITH GCI CFD6786 AND MT4 74346 I HAVE TRDED ON 02/10/2013 AND I GOT PROFIT OF $6267.57 IN CFD AND 211695.56 IN MT4 ACCOUNT i have done near abt 90 trades in cfd6786 & near abt 100 in mt4.i was veryhappy bcz i had huge profits in all trades and i kept some opened...
  9. C

    GCI is a SCAM!!! don't let withdrawal money without any explanation or reason

    I'm a swinger trader, each trade of mine takes from couple of hours to couple of days. I never scalp or enter and exit a trade in a few minutes. I traded GCI for more than a year,and had a good trading experience. At the beginning of July I applied a withdrawal request in the amount of $10,066...
  10. S

    GCI - The News is Finally out

    Hey guys. Check out the link and watch the video. GCI's owner is finally down. Crowd Funding Mitch Vazquez Story gets Strong Start – New Canaan Trader Worried? « TERI BUHL Watch the interview on : Episode 260 — RT The interview starts at the 14th min of the video. Cheers
  11. S

    How dirty can a broker Go "GCI"

    Hey peeps! Check what they have to say against FPA. at gcitrading.com/gci-financial-review.htm - Warning: Fake GCI Financial Reviews on Forex Peace Army & GoForex! GCI Financial Review
  12. S

    GCI's hide out Found Finally.

    Dear Peeps. It's been a while.... Busy life when you are Robbed for more 20k LOL!! Anyways i have major news regarding GCI. The owner and the address has been founds and below are the details. I may go my self there one day but people who can go, i suggest GO now and take you money back...
  13. J


    Hi, I just joined today. Anyone knows what had happened to gcitrading.com? I cannot access its website for two days. But, the trading platform is still working. Thank you.
  14. A

    GCI Financial Ltd Is Still On the Hunt for new Traders!!! Beware!!!

    Dear Traders, "GCI Financial Ltd" which is been labeled as a "SCAM Comapnay" is still on the hunt for new traders so that they can rob there money. So beware of it. This is the mail i received from them today; from info@gcitrading.com <info@gcitrading.com> reply-to "info@gcitrading.com"...
  15. Scam Investigations Committee

    Sibali takes GCI Financial to Court and Wins

    GCI Financial Loses in Court. The FPA Scam Investigation Committee Commends Sibali We can't claim any credit for this one, but wanted to bring this to the attention of all FPA members. GCI Financial LTD (gcitrading.com) has already been declared a scam by the FPA over an issued with FPA...
  16. S

    Yahoooooo. I have won the case against GCI.

    YO peeps. GCI busted in the Supreme Court. I have won the Case and now on their nees they have to pay me. I'll be posting the court order's soon here as i didn't receive it YET. M so Happy. The most 2 happiest day of my life ( 1st one was my marriage day) Always here to help. Anyone need...
  17. S

    GCI claim filed in Supreme Court

    Hey peeps Me and GCI are now in Supreme court. I have attached the Claim Form as well. Wish me Luck Peeps.
  18. S

    It"s All Over for GCI's License

    WARNING NOTICE GCI FINANCIAL LTD It is notified for general information that GCI Financial Ltd is no longer licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) to engage in Trading in Securities or to provide any other international financial services.GCI has...
  19. S

    Legal war continue's Against GCI

    Dear Ejaz Hussain: I have a better understanding of the situation now that I have heard from both of you concerning the systems used by GCI. I will need for you to send me the contract that you have with them. Perhaps this is in the form of a general agreement sent to all...
  20. B

    GCI Scam

    I opened live trading account of 2000$ with Forex | CFD Trading | Commodities | Futures | MetaTrader and earned 4000$ in my account (acnt. no. 10498). After some days of trading GCI made an adjustment of -3976$ in my account saying that the trades were closed in very short time or in other words...