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    Problem Gigfx problem

    I withdraw my account to gigfx due to they dont allow my trading style. las oct 14. they sent my funds with a wrong account number. then after changing lots of emails. they reply only some of it they sent again to my account with the correct account last decemeber 1, 2009 but until now december...
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    Gigfx has unsecured servers & systems

    GIGFX Send me an email from and with this content GIGFX Shutdown Announcment GIGFX Bankruptcy Dear GIGFX Clients, We apologize to all our clients who have confidence in our services and dealings as earlier the company had received a warning from the...
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    GIGFX Is Scamming Clients With NOT Secured MEMBERS AREA

    Pip Spreads LLLhhhhhhhhhhgggggg
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    Gigfx Scaming Me And All Cleints By 3 Names For 1 Company (gigfx Ltd, Gigfx Llc, Glob

    Hi, my name is Mohamed fawzi , I have accounts with gigfx numbers 30130,30131. My story with this firm starting by scalping, they said I am scalper!!!! (all my trade above ten minutes). After this issue they make a scam champion you can see it in this link Global Investment Gate | GIGFX...
  5. H is the Big Liar of the Broker Scam

    They rip off all my profit just by changing the minimum time rule to close trades from 1 minute to 5 minutes After I got Profit more than 3000 usd, it seemed they made new scheme to scam their clients. I have made trades from January till march, they changed the rule on march 24 2010 and then...
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    GIGFX Issues

    Has anyone been having problems with this guys paying out withdrawals? Thanks
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    Resolved - GIGFX Brokers do not rspond to withdrawal requests

    I made an withdrawal request on Jan 13th 2012 The company delays sending the money. Let's see how long it takes....
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