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    I have used gkfx for quite a while. actually back a few years ago i lost a lot of money trading eur/aud around -40k loss. I was quite shocked but okay perhaps it was my fault. but recently they held a promotion for a £15000 deposit bonus with a requirement of £2 spreadbet for every £3 bonus...
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    Fraude a Trabajadores de GKFX America Latina

    Fraude a Trabajadores de GKFX America Latina Estimados, Mi nombre es Guillermo Borzacchini y el mes pasado era el Sales Manager de GKFX en Chile. Todo iba bien al parecer, pero hubo cambios en las jefaturas y decidieron cerrar sin explicación real, las oficinas en Chile. Ya lo habian...
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    Claim to broker GKFX

    Hi, I'm living in Spain, and I've had a lot of issues with this broker: GKFX, that has its central headquarters in London, UK. So, I went first to the regulator here in Spain, is called CNMV, but the last word is in UK, of the FPA.. So, I don't know if it's better to claim directly to FPA.. In...
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    This company took all my friends profits (http://www.smartlivemarkets.com/)

    Hear is what they said: Dear Mr Huerta Gonzalez, With reference to your trades on your account with us. We are not in business to be taken advantage of by clients dealing on latent prices and scalping us. This is all you have done since you started trading on your account with us...
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    GKFX.com (was SmartLiveMarkets.co.uk)

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