global fxm

  1. I

    I'd like to complain about

    Welcome to! I'd like to complain about Their employees claim they are attorneys and ask for a refund, they log in to the computer program -ANYDESK, FOLLOWED CURRENCY INTERNET BANK AND CURRENTLY OR DEPOSIT, the COMPANY page opens, and Checkout courses confirm it as UNSUITED ET...
  2. K

    Globalfxm scam

    Hello, Globalfxm manipulating accounts. I've opened account in Globalfxm a month ago. A trader was calling me with advice where to open position and how much (this was one of the reasons why i agree to start working with them) Everything was going very good until the moment i wanted to...
  3. maduet

    Beware of GlobalFXM !

    A word of warning to anyone intending to use this broker: Stay well away from them ! This is none other than (read the FPA reviews and scam alerts here: 10Brokers obviously noticed that all the negative reviews weren't doing their...