global venture financing

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    TRADEORBITZ replacement company for G.V.F (Global Venture Financing) Group Management ?

    New forex scam company after G.V.F?* According to a few strong connections, claimed that traders and introduce brokers (IB) from former G.V.F company start to clarify themselves have nothing to do with G.V.F. after the company was officially warned under the law of Isle of Man. Thru facebook...
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    Account got hacked after winning 15k USD - GVF brokerage system

    Ib account seems to got hacked by someone and traded for her account on 20/04/2012, USD 7000 was lost in that particular trade. Account amount of USD 15k was lost. Ib account burst immediately. Gvf claims not to be responsible on this issue and GVF itself is not taking any action on the issue...
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    RCFX - by Ranson scammer

    rcfx seminar are starting to inherit GVF that is dying and start scam again
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    SCAM - Global Venture Financing

    At 20 April 2012, market watch time @ 20.05 - 20.06, the system automatically set / take profit at 1.6350 (Size 0.2, sell at 1.5826) and 1.6380 (Size 0.1, sell at 1.5821) respectively for my two GBP/USD trades and caused the losses and account being blown out. But the ridiculous point is the...
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    GVF ( Global Venture Financing)

    Hello, I am new to forex. I have been introduced by friends to join one of the forex broker which is GVF (global venture financing). This forex is working like a MLM concept, that is when u introduced ppl to open account, u will get constant monthly commission from the downline. And upon opening...