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    goldman capital-fx and kingsmen capital fx does not return my money

    My account was under broker, goldman capital-fx introduced by the company, first class institution / 1fx solution provide server STIS, and the company transfer our account to kingsmen capital fx after 2 months and they wipe off my account without my consent. I managed to change my password and...
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    Goldman Capital Market

    This broker is a scam. I can't withdraw my capital, profit and worst of all, my account has been disabled.
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    The Biggest Scam Sindicate scam in the world - goldman-fx

    i make this thread to help people in the world to see this biggest sindicate ever. Story : I Have acccount on number Live : 622455 i have already traded this account from 3.000 to 6.713, this scam broker tell me i cannot withdraw the capital so i just make a wtihdrawal from and...