1. E

    Resolved - Gomarketsaus.com SL spikes

    Yesterday at the end of the US session, 3 of my transactions with SL closed. The GPBUSD was at ~1.60627. SL levels: 1. 1.60832 2. 1.60836 3. 1.60836 There is no spike on M1 chart. Reported to the Gomarkets, waiting for reply.
  2. AsstModerator

    VantageFx and GoMarketsAus vs. BTNLightning

    I am in touch with both Vantage and Go Markets. First and foremost, if you had trades reversed and you were NOT using BTN Lightning, please post here or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. There appear to be a handful of traders who made news trades at the same time without...
  3. L

    I need advices Please...

    Dears, Excuse me if I will be long but I want to explain well my situation and take your advices. A month ago gomarkets ask me if I want to start trading, I told them that I never did it before so it is not a good idea but they told me that I will have someone to train me so they gave me a...
  4. F

    GO Markets Pty Ltd is not doing the right thing

    hi Guys, I have to let you guys know my bad experience about a broker "GO Markets". I am a customer of "GO Markets Pty Ltd." which is a Forex Broker in Australia with AFSL 254963 and ABN 85 081 864 039. I am using its platform to do the Forex trading and stock index CFD trading. I...
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    Discuss GOMarkets.com (Was GOMarkets.com.au)

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