1. J

    Problem GoMarkets: Unjustified Deduction of $5,513.15 - Seeking Help!

    On March 6, 2024, I was informed by a customer support representative, Amy (GOMU), that a "corrective adjustment" was made to my trading account (No. 50013243) due to a "technical issue" related to Natural Gas swap rates for the dates of February 28, February 29, and March 1. This adjustment...
  2. adrianpolydorou

    Go markets margin call

    Hi all, Received an email Friday 10.6.16 at 2.45pm explaining margin requirements for a range of currencies and futures etc will increase from 1-5% over the Brexit period and into the forseable future. The increase will start from the 13.6.16 according to the email. For me it is likely my...
  3. F

    GO Markets Pty Ltd is not doing the right thing

    hi Guys, I have to let you guys know my bad experience about a broker "GO Markets". I am a customer of "GO Markets Pty Ltd." which is a Forex Broker in Australia with AFSL 254963 and ABN 85 081 864 039. I am using its platform to do the Forex trading and stock index CFD trading. I...
  4. W

    Go Markets Account Suspended

    I got an email today from Go Markets Aus suspending trading in my account. They allege that my trading is "suspicious and in particular exploiting internet & connectivity delays in order to take advantage of arbitrage on the Trading Systems.". My account is now frozen for up to 90 days. I...
  5. C

    GoMarkets removed profits going back 4 months

    I was recently contacted by GoMarkets informing me that hundreds of trades over a period of over 4 months are being cancelled and profits are deleted. Below is a part of the email I received from GoMarkets support pertaining to the cancellation of the trades: Your account XXX has been...
  6. B

    GO MARKETS IS STEALING 68.000 to me

    Dear ForexPeaceArmy and Forex Traders, this is my case: Go Markets is stealing me 68000 USD, I have been trading with this broker since Nov/2011, last month after sending an email asking for a withdrawal of my balance they sent me one saying that my trades were illegal and taking advantage of...