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    EURUSD - Is the Euro Making a Bottom?

    "Masters, spread yourselves." Bottom, A Midsummer Night's Dream. When traders get really good and bearish, how often does a market then turn around? I have often felt that it is the markets function to fool as many people as possible. After all, if it were easy everyone would be a trader...
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    More Evidence of a European Slowdown

    EURUSD. Reports Wednesday October 24 confirmed that the economic slowdown which has been plaguing the countries in Southern Europe is moving north. The German Manufacturing PMI (M/M) was down to 45.7 from 47.4 last month. The Services PMI slipped to 49.3 from last month's 49.7. Continuing, the...
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    Looking for a Yen Trade

    There are a number of risk events this week that can propel equity and currency markets. Today (Wednesday) we get the ruling from the group of gaudily-cloaked German judges on the Constitutional Court, who will tell the world if the German government is permitted to participate in the...
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    Draghi Comments Buoy The Euro And The Equity Markets

    The European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, at a meeting in London yesterday, led cheers for the future of the euro. Draghi said: "Within our mandate, the ECB is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. And believe me, it will be enough." There is no way to know if these...