green vault fx

  1. Tungtran

    Broker is SCAM

    Broker is SCAM, i has withdraw my money about 03/02/2015, Grenvault dont pay to my money, Suport hold me a day, a week, so, i dont see my money on my Bank.
  2. M

    GREENVAULT does not pay

    My name is Manda, from Romania. I opened the account 123457365, under the terms of the promotion of FREE $ 200 on March 26, 2013 (WDYT). No need to deposit any money, they have to pay your profit after 2 months of trading ! In two months I made ​​a profit of 447 USD. On 27 may, 2013 I submitted...
  3. E

    greenvault fx

    should anyone may give any visual proof for payment,,,,,!!!!! so that we can order and fix it like a scammer broker, me too i have no paid from him , my question how was caused to all this people and how much,,, we must take action ,,,,
  4. N

    GREENVAULT don’t pay

    :mad: GREENVAULT is a SCAM ! They don't pay !!! :mad: I opened the account 123457198, under the terms of the promotion of $ 200 on March 25, 2013. In two months I made ​​a profit of 130 USD. On June 5, 2013 I submitted a withdrawal request, which was not honored even today. I carried numerous...
  5. M don't pay

    I request withdrawal of $ 28 from the 4th of jun , 2013 until now not recieving any payment acc:123458402