1. M (Global Trading Services) Scam !!

    Dear FPA Team, I have been scammed by Global Trading Services Co LTD located in London (Regent's Place, 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BT). I enclosed registration letters. Their website is, and it seems not active sice 12/05/2013. also their telephone numbers +44 20...
  2. V

    GTCFX and FXoffice stolen a lot of money from people

    I am the Webmaster of They cheated me and did not pay me my salary and the stolen all money from people who invested. One of clients lose 62,000euro GTCFX and FXoffice guys are located in Israel like all scam brokers. I can give you all details about them. I built this site...
  3. A

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  4. C

    Warning of this company gtcfx

    Warning of this company gtcfx Warning of this company gtcfx it is a monument company and a first class scam have erected high amount of $ 5,000 I hope not to deal with them and caution
  5. fxdigi-cash

    scammed by GTCFX and Leo Invest plc

    Hi all, Good day, I’m here to complain on behalf of one of my clients who have been scammed by one of the Forex brokers. Since my client can speak or write in English, I’m going to tell all story of how it happened and you traders and mods can judge on this. The story begun when my client...