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    Bad Encounter with GTPcapital (Global Trading Partners)

    I saw the Binary trading (Blazing Trader) advertisement on the Face Book on 24 Feb 2017 and out of curiosity I signed up. The Account Manager (Angela Simmons) from broker, GTP Capital Global Trading Partners contacted me and persuaded me to deposit USD250.00 to open the trading account followed...
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    I am also a victim of gtpcapital

    Hello i am also a victim , i reported with the help with action fraud police, citizens advice , then local MP, then local police , then stepchange debt advisor , at the minute i am waiting for the result of my credit card company, some of them are helpful and some credit card...
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    GTP capital is worst case, let's take them out of business

    Hello victims of, reading all the reviews, this company is scam and i will fight against them with law and your help as well. My Thread, my story in a short cut: Jan Braun Senior Account Manager Tel: +44 2033189001 Mail: Skype : did...
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    GTPcapital - clever but unkind scam artistry

    I came across this excellent website whilst trying to find GTPcapital's main address in London, which I no longer have (and they've changed their website so there's little information on the log-in page now that I've officially tried to close my account). I stupidly invested £13.5k over the...
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    GTP Capital is a scam

    I've been trying to withdrawal my money for 6 weeks now, and they are not answering to my emails, calls or live chat. And I've noticed that I'm not the only one that has this problem with the broker. You can find much more reliable brokers that have proven themselves to be legit, stay as far as...
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    gtpcapital - not what they say they are

    you know how sales people do it. they make it sound great. i said no. they insisted. and so on with the 7 day trial. i see good results but then it stopped so i decided to withdraw. agent told me that my account is too small to work with and he was like "why spend my time trading with low...
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    GTP Capital is a scam broker

    I applied to withdraw my money and they are not answering my calls and responding to my emails. Broker name is Alice and his partner is James. They are not licensed and regulated. Stay away from this broker they will clean you dry