1. HenrixPlumbx

    Hello Hello everyone

    Hello! I'm from Singapore, Hope you all doing well!. nice to e-meet everyone!
  2. M

    Hello Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody! I'm relatively new to Forex, and I'm thrilled to join this community. I recently completed a Forex course and finally began trading a bit on my own.
  3. H

    Hello Hello from Yorkshire

    Hi everyone finally decided to sign up, see you all inside.
  4. MellowFellow

    Hello Hello everybody

    Hello, I am new here. Just wanted to salute everybody
  5. chongjasmine83

    Hello Hello from Singapore!

    Hi, I am chongjasmine83 from Singapore. Nice to meet you all!
  6. B

    Hello Hello, nice website here

    Hi 41 years old trader from France... I started a Road to 100K challenge on Bitcoin vs dollar... I hope ,with my initials 1k, to reach my aim in 15 days or in at least 30 hours... Bitcoin has one of the most market volume and volatility... It often lose 700 pips in less than 15 minutes... I will...
  7. R

    Hello hello

    Hello, As I know very little about global politics, the global economy, and what else might influence a trader, I'm skeptical about if I can bring up the recurring effort to get a reward. I learn best through having a dedicated 1-on-1 teacher, a lot of concentrated practice, and reflection with...
  8. STBB_SG

    Hello Hello Everyone,I am new here!

    A full time trader looking to share and learn from everyone else here! :) Cheers and have a good day everyone!
  9. G

    Hello Hello FPA Team & Community

    Hello FPA Team & Community, I'm a new joiner and joining the bandwagon of promoting radical transparency in this world of unregulated OTC derivatives. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to the team & veterans exposing the critical issues as well as helping the not-so-experienced members...
  10. c0d3r1984

    Hello! Newbie needing help with review

    Good morning all Need help reporting a forex scam going on Unfortunately scammer only has a FB and telegram profile no website how can i add it in reviews? Site not allowing me to use FB\telegram links Thank you Review Moderation Team Note: Reviews can only be left for companies having their...
  11. B

    Hello Hello to the FPA community

    Found out bout this forum through a google search about a broker who appeared to be a scam. Happy to join this community. I tried to add another brick to the edifice. I will try to discover the mysterious world of forex.
  12. M

    Hello Hello :)

    Hi guys I’m also new :)
  13. Profesor Pips

    Hello Hello all :)

    Hello :) my name is Greg, new on this forum but not new on the forex market. I am using a portfolio EA's and statistical advantage in long term in trading, nice to meet you all. Regards Greg
  14. S

    Hello Newbie

    Hello to everyone here! I'm Lucas and I'm an accountant. Fond of math, different quizzes. Interested in investing and money. Love speed and racing. Glad to be here
  15. J

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I am James barbar from USA and I am a Forex trader. I joined the forum with purpose to share my trading knowledge and learn more.
  16. LHill97

    Hello Everyone! :)

    Was told by a few people on Facebook that this was one of the best communities to join so figured I'd get registered. Really enjoyed the posts I've seen so far so figured I'd create an account, I'm really new to trading so I don't have much to share but I'm keen to learn! Hope everyone's having...
  17. F

    Hello Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone, my name is Harvey and I am just starting my trading Journey. I am looking forward to speaking to many of you and also sharing my highs and lows.
  18. K

    Hello Traders

    I figured I might as well introduce myself..... I'm Ken, based in Australia and have been trading for just over a year. My favorite session is the Asian session. Mainly because I'm sleeping while the US is trading :) What are your top 3 traded pairs?
  19. S

    Hello Hello people

    I have been a member for a while, but I have never introduced myself properly. I am still new to Forex, and I would like to learn more. Great to be here.
  20. Amina El Mehdi

    Hello Hello

    Hi all. I`m Amina. Nice to become part of this comunity. :cool: