1. J

    Hello Peace Army Traders

    Hi all! Thought I would introduce myself, I'm new to the forum but been into trading for about 18months now. My name is Jimmy and I live in Australia. Looking forward to continuing my journey and sharing knowledge with you all!
  2. O

    Hello all

    Happy New Year!!! Hope you all are well. Hope 2021 is better than 2020!!
  3. imthetrader

    Hello. Why is it my review not even showing?

    Howdy folks. I got a question since my teview not even showing and its been 2/3 weeks i guess. Why is it my review not even showing? Any idea?
  4. Vinagre


    Hello I´m here to know what is the best broker for me and to have some information about them Good week!
  5. West Trader

    Hello All..

    Hello, all I am new here, and I want to know more about traders in this world, who knows what knowledge I have for 14 years of forex trading can be useful for helping friends here trading is much better
  6. P

    Hello all

    I am new here. I hope it will be a happy journey.
  7. foxrebate

    Hello all

    Hello all, my name is ghadira. I hope everyone is well
  8. TradersShed


    New here. Been through plenty of courses and still training trying to get that mindset in check!
  9. K

    Hello! How are you?

    Hi everybody! am new here. How are you?
  10. P

    Hello to all and a not so simple question

    Hey guys and gals, I am not new in investing but pretty new in FOrex. Can anyone suggest any fundamental ways to look at gold or currencies?
  11. BenSmithlovesForex

    Hello Army

    Hello to all in the "army". I have some forex knowledge but also lacking in a lot of areas and find Social Media no one wants to talk...just to sell you things. Hopeing for a better outcome here.
  12. B

    Hello ! and... a simple question

    Hello. My name is Alberto. My username is "Betowm". I am from Argentina. I would like -if somebody knows the data- how many forex rtraders are in the world. This data I need for statistic purposes. I woulñd be very grateful if someone knows the answer and gives me. Thank you in advance...
  13. ManzilFX

    Hello All. Its the beginning of documenting my FX Journey

    Hello Everyone. I have benefited from this site over the years and thought I would pay back by contributing and also documenting my FX journey. I have seen a lot of scams and scammers to date. Tried every possible thing to try out in FX. Went from blowing an account (haven't we all done it?) to...
  14. ThetaGamma

    Hello and thanks from an Impressed new member/old trader

    First of all I would like to salute all the dedicated people running and contributing to FPA - your dedication is a very important and necessary contribution to stop or at least limit the appalling CFD mess that's been going on for too long now. I´ve lurked around in here for almost ten hours...
  15. Anastas

    Hello everybody

    Hi everyone. I am new here. My friend adviced me to look at this forum. Firstly it seems hard to navigate. Too much info:) Will be appriciated if you help me:)
  16. Henrylearn


    hello everyone... it feels really good to be here.
  17. jsoefpro93

    Hello Peace Army, I'm new new!

    I was advised to join this community of insightful and experienced traders if I'm looking to be better. I made decisions when I was a rookie that now makes me question my trading skill set and strategies. Am looking forward to learning some new things on here.