1. shanmugapradeep

    [MQL4 Coding Help] Overwrite .xml file periodically

    Hello, I am fetching news from and it save the file inside terminal/MQL4\Files as FFCPing(Symbol)-ffcal_week_this.xml (eg, FFCPingGBPUSD-ffcal_week_this.xml). I have added a code to check this file every 2 hours and overwrite it to new...
  2. shanmugapradeep

    News Filter EA (Coding Help)

    Hello, I paid $30 to a freelancer on Telegram to build a news filter for me. They have delivered the product, but it is not working as I expected. The freelancer is no longer replying. Logical Conditions: Before X minutes from news, string News_Trade_Status = “Paused”; X minutes after...
  3. shanmugapradeep

    Need Help in Fixing EA code

    Hello, I have an EA and it have some bug. I need help in fixing it and also help in adding news filter to my EA. If anyone here know EA coding please help me !!
  4. G

    Discuss Need Help Scrolling left or right on Meta Trader 4

    Hello, After re-sizing a chart on my Meta Trade 4, in the daily time frame, the chart will no longer scroll left or right. This only happens on the day time frame. It scrolls left and right in all of the lower time frames. I have tried deleting the currency pair and then re-loading it, but the...
  5. G

    Help Wanted Looking for a mentor, any help will be highly appreciated.

    I have been trying really hard to get profitable for the past 2 and a half years , but so far, I've been unsuccessful. I've done lots of courses and watched thousands of hours of videos, I participate in online and live trading events. I read lots of books on trading and psychology , but still...