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    HFX withdrawal ...

    Dear Gent I make my account with HFX .. and make deposit total 2000 USD now I have around 3800 USD . I request WD only 1600 USD... Since 6 days no one response me... what I shall do? please help.
  2. B

    hfx.com theft my money by zeroing my balance

    hi ... I was trading with hfx.com they theft my money they zeroing my account they theft my money more than $1600 My balance move to zero by them because I didn't do what they want They want me to add more money what to do... when I contact them they send me to the same person who...
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    Beware of HFX , my account was wiped out in an hour because I wanted to withdraw my funds
  4. N


    Hi all, yes, another one screwed by hfx. They have my money and I can not get the bastards to give it back. I live in South Africa but if need be I will fly to London to make a case. Can anyone give me some advice? They are not regulated so the fca can not do much else but investigate at this...
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    HFX Scam

    I got a call from someone in this company named Usama where he introduced himself and conviced me to deposit money. Then someone named Shadly started to call me. he said that if i deposit 1000$ he will give me 300$ as a bonus and we trade with this amount and if i loose the 300$ i will withdraw...
  6. Scam Investigations Committee

    HFX Problems Finally Lead to a Scam Finding

    HFX Problems Finally Lead to a Scam Finding HFX already had the attention of the FPA . A company employee left 2 fake reviews and also made a post in the forums claiming to be a happy client. HFX.com had a 1.3 Star rating before getting an FPA Scam finding. In October, 2011, FPA...
  7. Scam Investigations Committee


    FPA Scam Finding against HFX.com We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that... HFX already had the attention of the FPA because of their actions in in...
  8. A

    HFX robbed me

    My Story with HFX.com After coming across this forum, and clearly is one that is heavily look at by all forex traders, i would like to share my side of my catastrophic story with HFX.com My story with them started exactly on 20th january, 2013 where i received a call from someone who...
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    My HFX Problem

    Hi My Name is Turki Alayyash and this is my encounter with this company: My beginning with the company(HFX) was with one of the swindlers when I found an advertisement of the company. I registered and received a call from a person named (Bassam Abdul Karim). Of course, this quorum left the...
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    phishing scam

    There is a name mix up regarding HFX on that Forum. One of the threads states HFX Limited and another one states HFX Global Investment Ltd. (the URL: HFXglobalin.com) – both of are not HFX Global. HFX Global Investment Ltd. are doing so called "phishing" they even published part of HFX company...
  11. N

    GUILTY Case# 2013-059 | Najeeb Buyabis vs www.hfx.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.hfx.com My Case is: I received a call from a person at this company asking me if i was interested in trading with Commodities and forex. I asked for more information. The next ting i know is that he opened an...
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    I need help on investigating this company of possible fraud.
  13. H

    Hfx..... Stay away

    Dear All, Stay away from HFX broker, i have lost 24,000 $ in a very professional way. first i have deposited 2000 $ as a start, but they really convinced me to upgrade my account to 10,000 $ in order to have VIP account, with very low spread, and also in order to tell me about the opportunities...
  14. A

    RESOLVED Case# 2013-013 | atalaata vs www.hfx.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.hfx.com My Case is: HFX company refuses to send me the withdrawal request of 5000$. Although my account balance is more than 23000$. I have send the withdrawal request more than 2 months ago. last two weeks they...
  15. A

    RESOLVED HFX does not send withdrawal request more than 50 days

    I am facing a trouble with HFX company as I have requested 5000 $ from my account and now they do not reply to my emails or they do not reply to call. Please advise
  16. C

    HFX my withdrawal

    HFX my withdrawal - SCAM ?? Hello, I am not having return of my withdrawal request. I sent a second request today (11/out/11) in the hope of being met. The email was sent to "support@hfx.com" followed the guidelines of the site. The deadline for withdrawal is 5 days. The...
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    Discuss HFX.com

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    HFX scam

    Where to report Hfx.com i have some "nice" chat emails me and them talking . They give "free" 100$ at start , but they dont tell that after you use them 15 days you have to deposit your 100$ , and to use the 100$ bonus that you earned you have to deposit another 200$ and trade them 3 months ...