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    Problem HND Global limited Scammer - don't trust them please

    I have been scammed by a broker called HND Global Limited based in the UK ( as what I found during my research) .This broker has stolen all my capital ( $15,000) during my CFD trading with them (Gold & Silver) and now they are asking me to pay $2,529 as result of the my losses exceeds my account...
  2. A

    Han Global investing limited

    hi to all, same scheme, girl added in facebook, then after few words in messenger why dont we move to whatsapp? for the first month as usual good morning how are you how is it going... now started the trap, i make money during my free time with my analyst, my profit is 30-50% every month..bla...
  3. The Punisher

    Romance Scam HND Global Limited Scam (

    Victims are contacted on WhatsApp and lured into making deposits with these scammers. This is a WARNING not to do any business with this company or you risk losing every dollar you give them. Address used by hundreds of scam brokers Fake Customer Service
  4. S

    HND Global

    Hi everybody Have their own MT4, but do not withdraw funds, do not respond either by mail or in live chat about the reasons