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    Will just copy in my review: IMPORTANT: This 'service is a scam'. I like the idea behind this. You setup your MT4 and receive the signals automatically, and according to the webpage they are making a lot of pips! BUT, the pips earned/statements are fake!! The signals are terrible, for 2...
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    HonestForex are MISLEADING everyone with their "proof" page. As a result, the results of the service were appalling, with a loss of over 600 pips. I tried to get a refund, but they kept denying that the service had lost money. However, when I asked them to provide proof, they were not able to...
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    Honest Forex Signals OR DIS-Honest Forex Signals ???

    these people advertise their website under the title honest but they are very very dishonest. I paid 177$ for a month subscription and i discovered that my broker LMFX.COM does not accept an auto trade, i mean i can not connect my LMFX.COM server with any trade copying service using mt4. i sent...
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    fraud: honestforexsignals.com/tony lazzaro he says, that he lets trade a human trader calles "robbie", but its an ea from eacoder.com ______________________________________ " Dear Member: We are reaching out tonight (or perhaps it is morning where you are) to address a few quick...
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    Honest Forex Signal

    I have been with Honest Forex Signal for a couple of months and I suspect that at least some of their good reviews are fake. They claimed yesterday (01/12/2015) that their last 30 days made hundreds of pips. That last 30 days is basically November of 2015. Please find attached a screenshot from...
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