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  1. A

    Hotforex closed my account without given me the money about 9000 $

    HotForex closed my account without prior notice, because as they told me that I traded on BTCEUR with its erratic prices, and the question is how do I know that the price is wrong or correct that I am trading on an electronic platform when you give me the approval, this is not my fault, but...
  2. namoforex

    Hotforex scam

    Heavy slippage this broker platform, manipulate all your trades stay away from this broker
  3. Kenny soh

    Resolved: Hotforex withdrawal problem

    I am having withdrawal issue. Money is in my bank account and money get stuck under hold status for 4days since 13oct. I can't touch that money. I send email to hotforex their withdrawal dept service for assistance and they are pretty lousy take long time to reply. This morning I send email...
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  5. Arjani - Hot Forex markets. Issue no 2 - Hot Forex markets. Issue no 2 Trading on OIL and Indexes is disabled Both, Demo and Live accounts impacted It is not market breaker by Wallstreet. It is done by HF or by their Liquidity Providers VIDEO is to big to upload so the link will be added soon:
  6. Arjani

    Resolved: - Hot Forex markets

    I am submitting the case against: Hot Markets My login area on Hot Markets is not accessible: 502 Bad Gateway The phone call with office and chat has confirmed technical difficulties on 2020 February 3th. I was not able to Deposit, to extend stop loss. I lost -10216.79€ because of...
  7. L

    Withdrawal problem with HotForex

    I've been trying to withdraw from my hotforex account and they tell me I can't withdraw more than my 40$ initial deposit. They say i should use either skrill,webmoney, neteller and fasapay if I want to withdraw more funds but these modes of wire transfer are not allowed in my country. Please help.
  8. S

    Hotforex withdrawal problem

    Please help me. It has been 11 weeks since my withdrawal at Hot Forex broker has not been successful until now. before hotforex info via e-mail that on the 13th of August the withdrawal was complete, but until now there was absolutely no money coming into my account from Hot Forex. please follow up
  9. S

    Hotforex scam

    I need help. I am using hotforex and is manipulating my account. This morning during NZD employment change I placed a sell stop order two of them with the same lot size. Hot forex shifted my position down by 250 pips so that I can make a loss instead of profit and blow my account. I tried to...
  10. S


    I would like to inform you, this hotforex is scam,trap, foul play and cheating for me. So here i briefing my bad experience with hotforex. Its happening on the day of 4th January 2019. I had deposited 1000$ on same day by the time GMT 13.13 (UAE time 5.13 PM) from one of my credit card which i...
  11. F


    Dear iam trading with hot Forex around almost 2 years as an Introduce Broker and having my trading accounts under that Ib one of my account # 1182097 i made huge profits with hotforex , on 23 November 2018 my account was disabled by the company and was told that system has deduted some...
  12. A

    Resolved: I have a problem with hotforex withdrawal.

    Hello friends I have a problem with hotforex withdrawal too i requested a withdrawal for 417.52 the bank only received 337.52 the charged me a comission of $20 but hotforex is not giving me explanation on the missing $80 they are blamming it to the bank, which does not make sense the bank...
  13. A

    Resolved: Hotforex Scam!

    Hi, I am trading for the Canada GDP release. I entered a buy stop and sell stop position of USDCAD around 20/30 pips away (with stop loss of 10 pips) from market value at 825pm Malaysia time. When its 829pm, I tried to change both orders into 5 to 7 pips away from market value but it was not...
  14. M

    Hotforex Withdrawal SCAM

    Dear Team, I would like to file a complaint against Hotforex. Earlier this year, I tried to withdraw my money from them but there was a huge discrepancy in the final amount that I received in my bank. Account: 274701 Summary Withdrawal Transaction Details: 1. Refund information...
  15. Z

    Hotforex has blown my account

    On thursday 3 august I had $ 913,48, open positions and winning big. On evening my money was disappeared and I had only $ 5,10. I wrote to them and here is their reply, that obviously doesn't convince me at all. "Dear Client, Thank you for your email. Kindly note that after investigating your...
  16. luckyanand12

    HotForex Freezed Platfrom during news

    This is what i emailed them : Buy stop of GBP/USD was placed in each broker (each accounts of my clients in various broker) at 1.32450 thirty seven seconds before UK interest rate decision on 14th July. It was executed at 1.32465 and closed at 1.33972 in Roboforex with positive slippage in...
  17. P

    HotForex Scam

    Hello friends, I associated with hotforex from last 3 years.....i earn sufficient amount from HFMarket...just because of good relationship with HFMarket i deposit 1.1 Million USD in December 2016. But still they are not showing me my deposit in my wallet account and now the support department...
  18. A

    Hot Forex scams

    Good morning to all, Lately I've been experiencing a lot of problems with Hot Forex. My account number with them is 293726. Getting tired of too many of stop loss hunting, I have decided to see what else are they capable of. So let me put you in touch with what I've discovered and let's start...
  19. M


    I invested $20,000 AUD with Hot Forex's PAMM Account with the second best trader ' VIP TRADING ' I am trying to close my account as the trader has lost - $10,000 AUD already. I had a look at the account managers open traders - Disgusting. I was so sad I was emotionless, the open trades would...
  20. G


    BEWARE OF THE (managed) PAMM ACCOUNTS WITH HOTFOREX!!! They are presented in such a way as to mislead potential investors into believing that their performance is much better than it really is. There is a massive loophole whereby PAMM account managers can in fact lose large percentages of...