1. veri5

    Resolved - Hotforex financial crime

    Hello! today Hotforex voluntary removed all my profit from half year ago, I have evidences, I think there are other customers too, in relation with fight of financial crime in Europe at first I ask to report other people to join the forum
  2. H

    Many problems with by HOTFOREX

    Many problems involving Hotforex new option trade platform with plenty of evidences documented to help everyone make better decision about trading with them. The problems are: 1. Changing trading function to make you easier to lose. 2. Scamming and misleading bonus scheme 3. Incompetent...
  3. G


    BEWARE OF THE (managed) PAMM ACCOUNTS WITH HOTFOREX!!! They are presented in such a way as to mislead potential investors into believing that their performance is much better than it really is. There is a massive loophole whereby PAMM account managers can in fact lose large percentages of...
  4. A

    RESOLVED - 50% account protection issue hotforex

    Here is my story, just happened right now so the wounds are pretty fresh. I have (had) a PAMM, managed account with them there is the trader who is authorized to place the trades, XY as the Broker and me as a Client I have a 50% Account Protection Agreement in place with the Broker however my...
  5. N

    Resolved - hotforex - i am waiting for full refunds from them

    hotforex - i am waiting for full refunds from them they gave me 1/3 refund only . i lost money in march 2013 and got some part of refund from them after few months and still waiting to get full refunds from them. they manipulate like they want answers . i mean whenever i sent them email they...
  6. D

    RESOLVED? - Hotforex holding 850 usd

    I assume hotforex will help me out with these.I request to close these thread.. Kindly close these thread..
  7. F

    Hotforex scammed me !

    I made a deposit through Moneybookers, later I withdrew the same amount through a Moneybookers withdrawal request. But this was not possible they told me. I had to fill out a credit card withdrawal request. so I did and after that my money disappeared. The transaction info Hotforex sent me is...
  8. U

    RESOLVED - Hotforex Scam Scam, stay away

    I sent a withdrawal request for 15 k for wire transfer which they told me that their bank has rejected because they have a hit on my name. That is totally ridicolous. State bank of mariutus. Why they dont try with Barclays bank. I am having total equity of 52000 with them. And they are asking me...
  9. S

    RESOLVED? - Hotforex cheating

    the issue with HF markets stands resolved.So i request moderator to delete the thread.
  10. F

    RESOLVED - HotForex issue

    I have settled the case. Admin, would you please delete this thread at all ? Its my fault, that without talking to them in the first place, I directly jumped to FPA. I deeply apologise for my aggressive behaviour. Thank you for your kind consideration. Regards, Vampire :cool:
  11. A

    Hotforex is a scam!!!

    First,they s/l hunting they block my account from withdrawal!!!!!! They should pay for this!!! I lost around $500 because of the s/l hunting.....not just that,when I want to withdraw the balance,the account had gone, I enter into my account on 17th May 2013 and it shows the balance is...
  12. G

    HF Market

    hi , so i opened an account with Hf market (Hot Forex) with a 50% bonus. traded for one week when my funds started getting low they pulled out the bonus left me with nothing . i don't get it why would they offer the bonus in the first place if you cant use it when you drowning.
  13. W

    HELP I can't seem to find Hotforex License on the FSC regulators WEbsite

    HELP I can't seem to find Hotforex License on the FSC regulators WEbsite is it me or these Regulators website SUCK at navigation , can't they just put a List of their REGULATED forex Brokers -___-
  14. C

    Which brokers offer PAMM services?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know any other brokers that offer those effecient PAMM services like Hotforex ( and Alpari?
  15. R

    Withdrawal Problem With HotForex ?? Post here

    If anybody Facing Withdrawal problems with Hotforex please post here. Thanks
  16. A

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