1. B

    HOT Forex problem - resolved!

    After I spoke with hotforex representetive the agreed to pay me every single cent back wich I find it amazing.i would recommend to everyone as they r honest and reliable. Five star to hot forex. Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission R/O Swap...
  2. D

    Hot forex Issue - RESOLVED

    Hi, deposited $500 into hotforex and a couple days latter from the same card i used the exact same amount $500 was taken out of my account and i never saw it so i canceled the card and reported fraud to my bank now i cant withdrawal the approximately $2000 in my account because they say i...
  3. R

    Hotforex Fraud

    solved by dominic sir thread closed hotforex is no. 1 company
  4. S

    Hot Forex Theft

    Hot Forex is a good broker! Apparently, at 08-08@ 07:24 (server time) my EA burned my account dropping my equity below my bonus level. I was admittedly totally naive about forex and did not understand the implications of the S & P downgrade on the money markets. Hot Forex came back to me, and...
  5. N scam broker

    I have an account in My account made profit more than double after one week. One day before US election as i knew Japanese Yen would strength i have sell GBPJPY and at 00:02 server time suddenly i noticed that all my transactions have been closed. There was no sever fluctuations...
  6. Segzycool

    RESOLVED withdrawal SCAM

    I have been trading with for the past few months and i made a withdrawal more than a week now. (A week and fee days). I made a deposit into my HotForex account with my verified neteller account and i'm asking HotForex to send back my money into the same neteller account i funded...
  7. G

    RESOLVED my bad day with HotForex

    this was happened to me this morning....diffrent chart pair eur/chf at hotforex on 00;00 server time....
  8. S

    Hotforex Scam?

    Hello Traders im Nilosh and i have been trading in hotforex for id is 30258 my buy position at GBP/USD went to wipe out one of my account 1295$-. when i check my other live broker (vantage fx) low price is 1.19375 but on my hotforex low price is 1.1630. its 300pips difference. how...
  9. A

    Hotforex is a scam!!!

    First,they s/l hunting they block my account from withdrawal!!!!!! They should pay for this!!! I lost around $500 because of the s/l hunting.....not just that,when I want to withdraw the balance,the account had gone, I enter into my account on 17th May 2013 and it shows the balance is...
  10. C

    HF Markets (SV) LTD Scammed me $1811 Profit.

    On 18 July i opened an account with HF Markets (SV) LTD. after i got verified. i deposited $1804.10 to my Wallet no 268932 and transfer to my trading account 1109041 and i got 30% rescue bonus on my deposit. and my total was $2345.33 . on 20 July i start trade and make make profit $1811...