hy markets

  1. 1wildhorse

    HY markets scam

    hi guys this lot have attempted to scam me by delaying my orders for 26 seconds.i mean 1 or 2 seconds is acceptable,but 26 seconds?here is a log of one of the trades they delayed. 0 09:34:13.929 '823744': instant order buy 0.07 EURUSD at 1.16802 sl: 1.16684 tp: 0.00000 0 09:34:39.189...
  2. H

    PR: HY Markets To Launch Trading Competition

    London, UK September 19, 2012 – HY Markets is going to launch its first trading competition on the 1st of October and will run through the 30th of November 2012. The 8-week competition is open for Forex traders of all levels. It aims to provide opportunities for Forex traders to improve their...