i am not a happy camper

  1. C

    Resolved - FXNET zeroed my account then they offered me 1000 euro to shut me up!

    I got to FXNET through my IB, and opened an account(102608), had some losses and gains using the exact same strategy from march 2013 until end of October 2014. In the last few months after lots of hard work on my EA and strategy I became more and more profitable. On the 27th of October 2014 I...
  2. LeoJ

    help! youtradefx.com still haven't give me my money.

    i have just been told about FPA site to make sure that the company i'm going to invest in is not listed here as scam. I'm very thankful to be part of this forum. I have been scammed twice by capitaloneforex and now by youtradefx but still i'm hoping to get back my money, i'm a newbie in this...
  3. W

    LibraFX turned SCAM? ***

    I am 3 weeks ago making withdrawal requests of my profits and I can not. Do not answer my emails and chat does not work. What's happening?
  4. K

    FX Solutions imaginary prices

    I've just had a trade on NFP with FXSolutions AU. My order was received and processed within 46ms of the news release yet they filled me at a price way off the bottom of the chart. The last tick when the order went in was 0.7766 on NZDUSD, the order was filled at 0.76816! I've just had a...
  5. S


    ATTENTION: FxNet is using a new Scam Scheme to keep clients deposits and profits! Here is the Scam Scheme: 1. First they offer free deposit bonuses (and free VPS). 2. Then, they take the bonus back when you start trading. 3. Then, they claim you abused the bonus and their Terms and...
  6. S

    GUILTY Case# 2014-182 | simenkon vs yadix.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.yadix.com/ My Case is: HOW I WAS SCAMMED BY YADIX FOR ~24500€ of profits Hello, I am writing this piece because I was scammed by a forex broker called Yadix, which is a white label brokerage of Gallant Capital...
  7. A


    this broker refusing to return my money back ...they try to take the secret information of my credit card to complete scamming too much miss behaving
  8. C

    PellucidFX: scamming

    I heard from a very reliable inside source that PellucidFX.com is having "technical difficulties" and to try and get my money out as soon as I can. Well, I must be a little to late. I have tried multiple times to get money from several of my pellucid accounts and its like trying to get a quarter...
  9. M

    NRG Binary Scammed in a New Way

    NOTICE: Impending Class Action Lawsuit Against NRG Binary Click for more info NRG Binary using new ways to SCAM as stated below: 1. They simply invalidated my account no 11106 (holding $48000) from their MT4 platform thus disallowing login and visibility of account to me (client) :mad...
  10. B

    hfx.com theft my money by zeroing my balance

    hi ... I was trading with hfx.com they theft my money they zeroing my account they theft my money more than $1600 My balance move to zero by them because I didn't do what they want They want me to add more money what to do... when I contact them they send me to the same person who...
  11. I

    FXPremax SCAM ALERT - Did not pay my profit

    I am here to warn you about this SCAM FX Broker called FXPremax I am interested deposit into this new broker, FXPremax SCAM because i am interested with their feature and promotions . 1 this Broker provides OIL contract 2 they have 100% bonus promotionshttp://fxpremax.com/100bonus/ 3...
  12. C

    Numberoneforex SCAMMER

    Numberoneforex SCAMMER I have opened an account with $ 2000 in numberoneforex.com. This morning started opening operations but I've found a nasty surprise. Every time I opened a transaction, the price went against me by at least 10 pips on less 2 seconds. For this reason I lost a few hours $...
  13. A

    Blocked account by LQD markets

    LQD markets.com,Cyprus I have a problem with company. Company has closed all my opened position, because I complained about the recotation my prepared sell position, and instead profit I have loss.
  14. D

    Liteforex cancel my withdraw and delete my balance

    hello i need FPA help I've been waiting for almost two months, only to get a reply from the LiteForex. liteforex cancel my WITHDRAWAL 95$ and deleted my balance about 50$ I trade on Monday. I trade began at 6 am, to 11 noon, (GMT +7) Indonesia time. and make trades in a long time, as...
  15. J

    FXDD and e-signature forgery

    A very close friend of mine recommended I invest on futures with the FXDD agent in Peru, Mr. Sergio J. Reategui. She had been advised by Mr. Jorge Medina Mendez, Ernst & Young general manager in Peru, to invest on futures with that agent. Because I trust my friend and know about Mr. Medina´s...
  16. A

    AvaTrade - AvaFx - Truffatori?

    AvaTrade - AvaFx - Truffatori? Di quale broker andare a fidarsi? AvaTrade, fa molta pubblicità e finte recensioni. La loro piattaforma sirixweb non funziona o non la fanno funzionare, non rimborsano il danaro. Ho scritto diverse volte a tutti gli indirizzi email in possesso, ma non...
  17. paulm1162

    Lbinary scam

    I signed up with lbinary.com on 19/11/2013 initially intending to deposit an amount of £315.00 to see how i fared with online binaries but before i could even make a deposit your alleged head broker chris cooper rang me for what went on for almost 5 hours. I explained i was unemployed, no...
  18. F

    Major spikes took my money

    I practice traded for a couple of months and was consistently making money. I was tripling my investment every month. When I went live, and had money in the game, the price stared to spike (normally in the middle of the night). The spike was so fast that it was over before the stop loss could...
  19. P

    Caught by Live Platform Video Clips - How Alpari UK subtly forces you into paying multiple folds mor

    Although I see many good reviews here, my encounters with them has been shocking despite that they are prompt in their response, though. I started with a small account of $7,700. It was OK initially when I suffered losses for more than half of my account with infrequent slippages and requotes...