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    I got Scammed by iForex.

    Hi, At the beginning a lady from iforex called me many times to make me enroll to their platform with USD100. Later their fund manager called and said he is the one who is going to guide me in trading. At he beginning I started to see some profit. Later he said if I invest more I can gain more...
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    iFOREX can be Trusted....? Plz Guide

    Hi Im new to Trading Forex.I have recently seen an offer from iForex.com saying that a client can open an account by depositing say 100 USD and they get 100 times the value for trading in real.The Best part ( according to them ) is that they say this account will be valid for 15 Days only and...
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    this website is taking money from clients no withdrawls no contacts no emails are working they only available for taking cash when opening and lot of difference in the candlestick bars while trading with in seconds 1000 pips will be shown by refreshing it will cleared not even a shadow of...
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    Come da titolo ho seri problemi da diversi mesi con il broker FX iforex.com, ho riscontrato un grave malfunzionamento della loro piattaforma che ho opportunemente segnalato diverse volte tramite supporto ed account manager e reparto reclami, sono stata contattata da una signorina che mi ha...