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    Gallant Capital / Iamfx : will we see our money again ?

    Gcmfx declared itself bankrupt (see the text on their website: Dear Customers, Gallant Capital Markets, herein referred to as “the Company”, announced on Friday, April 14th, it has commenced a formal proceeding to restructure its balance sheet to better position itself for future opportunities...
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    IAMFX Customers BEWARE!!!

    I am having major problems with this broker and want to know if my situation is unique before I escalate the matter. Firstly the MT4 IAMFX program failed to allow me to close a profitable trade even after I selected the close trade button 4 times. Perfect internet connection etc. Customer...
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    I am FX - HUGE spreads

    I had a stopout on my account with IamFX on 18 March at the time of the FOMC statement I understand that volatility and spreads do happen at these times but the spreads were huge . When I raised the issue with them they first advised that they do not keep records of spreads,but advised that the...
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    Stay away from Iamfx

    I've had experienced something wrong with Iamfx especially stop loss hunting.Please share your opinion with this broker here.
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    IAMfx Scam

    Today makes it 10th day of sending funds to this broker , Iamfx through their receiving bank Barclays bank, Seychelles. their beneficiary account name is Gallant capital markets Limited and their beneficiary address is British Virgin Islands VG1110. I have been chatting with them online, the...
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