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  1. Promiscuo

    IBCFX scam or what else?

    Hello! My name is Gennaro, I made a deposit two months ago, and after some profits I requested several time a withdrawal. First my request was refused, than was accepted (by email), but after 2 weeks my money is not on my bank account neither on my metatrader account. No tracks, no swift. My...
  2. T

    Problem http://www.ibcfx.com scam for 160,000$

    IBCFX refused to send us an amount of more than 160,000$ since last May, they called us to understand why we want to withdraw all of our account worth 200,000$ and we said that we just need the money now and we will get back to trading after a while, they just sent us 40K$ instead and disabled...
  3. C

    Problem ibcfx e marco rossi

    ibcfx e marco rossi buongiorno Sergente Maggiore mi chiamo sergio, Preciso Intanto Che Fino ad un Certo Periodo ho Ricevuto soldi per circa 16.000 $, DOPO Aver visionato forum del Settore Nel Mese di settembre ho notato Che ibcfx AVEVA delle recenzioni , Molto negativo per cui ho DECISO di...
  4. F

    IBCFX - Withdrawal Issue - 2 Months - From Feb2014

    Hi I'm having problem with IBCFX.com. I'm trying to Withdraw some money from beginning of Feb2014. I tried to catch them many times, EACH time it is the same answer: refused. It's really difficulty to talk to someone in this IBCFX. No one picking phone, no answer at emails, sometimes there is...
  5. B

    IBCFX Truffa?

    IBCFX Truffa? Alla mia richiesta di prelievo, nessuna risposta, Angelo costa esiste o è il solito nome falso?
  6. P

    IBCFX truffa?

    IBCFX truffa? Buongiorno ho un conto IBCFX con 59000 euro. Non riesco a fare prelievi. Ho provato a prelevare 5000 o 10000 o 30000 euro ma sempre con esito negativo. I responsabili sono Angelo Costa (angelo@ibcfx.com) e Alessandro Rocca, ma non rispondono al telefono. Cosa posso fare? Grazie
  7. A

    IBCFX Scam Not Giving 7230 USD Profit Money

    I opened an account with Ibcfx in august and more than 15 times asked about any lot conditions to withdraw profit before opening account. With a deposit of 2500usd I made final profit of 7230usd in 2 weeks. Now the broker is not paying me the money. This is cheating and fraud, its a bucket...
  8. L


    IBCFX_fraud Good morning, I am Luca and I'm writing a new thread because I have a big issue with IBCFX. I asked to withdraw my money at the beginning of October from my trading account n.20754. To withdraw money, I gave up all my profits and the financial conditions. My request of withdrawal...