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    4Xp=ITCFX=IBCFX=ITNFX same peoples same SCAMMMM!!!!

    We need to stop these peoples to still money and run away!!! Many web sites with the same persons on the back. STOp,STOP,STOP SCAMMERS!!!!!ITCFX Broker,attenzione TRUFFA!!!!
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    IBCFX - IBC Capital Limited

    10 Sep 2014 i opened fund management account with IBCFX amount 10,000$ account # 26451 up to today they never issued my withdrawal request, not answering my emails, their numbers are fake or internet line, never contacting me and the account is active with equity 18000$. They Scammed me and 3...
  3. A

    IBCFX not responding to my withdrawal request

    I was contacted by Marco Rossi who has offered to begin to trade for me, even with small amounts. Convinced me to deposit the sum of € 500.00 to start. I lost all contact with him since June. A week ago I tried to take at least my money. I performed the withdrawal procedure but did not have any...
  4. S

    IBCFX not responding to withdrawal requests

    Hi everyone, I have a live account with IBCFX that I deposited money on in January 2014. I was offered a 100% bonus as part of their promotion, I have made some profit since then. I have been trying to contact them to make the withdrawal since 4 months ago but no response from them. I...
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    Problem http://www.ibcfx.com scam for 160,000$

    IBCFX refused to send us an amount of more than 160,000$ since last May, they called us to understand why we want to withdraw all of our account worth 200,000$ and we said that we just need the money now and we will get back to trading after a while, they just sent us 40K$ instead and disabled...
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    IBCFX - Withdrawal Issue - 2 Months - From Feb2014

    Hi I'm having problem with IBCFX.com. I'm trying to Withdraw some money from beginning of Feb2014. I tried to catch them many times, EACH time it is the same answer: refused. It's really difficulty to talk to someone in this IBCFX. No one picking phone, no answer at emails, sometimes there is...
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    GUILTY Case# 2014-059 | ciccio vs ibcfx.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.ibcfx.com My Case is: Ho Ricevuto dei soldi da ibcfx Fino Ai Primi Giorni di Settembre 2013 per circa 16.000 $, verso il 20 di settembre Faccio Nuova Richiesta di prelievo, immediatamente respinta. ottobre del 2013...
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    IBCFX Truffa?

    IBCFX Truffa? Alla mia richiesta di prelievo, nessuna risposta, Angelo costa esiste o è il solito nome falso?
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    Problem ibcfx e marco rossi

    ibcfx e marco rossi buongiorno Sergente Maggiore mi chiamo sergio, Preciso Intanto Che Fino ad un Certo Periodo ho Ricevuto soldi per circa 16.000 $, DOPO Aver visionato forum del Settore Nel Mese di settembre ho notato Che ibcfx AVEVA delle recenzioni , Molto negativo per cui ho DECISO di...
  10. Promiscuo

    IBCFX scam or what else?

    Hello! My name is Gennaro, I made a deposit two months ago, and after some profits I requested several time a withdrawal. First my request was refused, than was accepted (by email), but after 2 weeks my money is not on my bank account neither on my metatrader account. No tracks, no swift. My...
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    IBCFX_fraud Good morning, I am Luca and I'm writing a new thread because I have a big issue with IBCFX. I asked to withdraw my money at the beginning of October from my trading account n.20754. To withdraw money, I gave up all my profits and the financial conditions. My request of withdrawal...
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    IBCFX truffa?

    IBCFX truffa? Buongiorno ho un conto IBCFX con 59000 euro. Non riesco a fare prelievi. Ho provato a prelevare 5000 o 10000 o 30000 euro ma sempre con esito negativo. I responsabili sono Angelo Costa (angelo@ibcfx.com) e Alessandro Rocca, ma non rispondono al telefono. Cosa posso fare? Grazie
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    Discuss IBCFx.com

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for IBCFx.com >> otherwise use this thread ("+ Reply to Thread" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.
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    An IBC Fx employee who thinks he can pretend to be a customer

    I have experience with IBCFX, I have opted for the managed account service and opened a account with a deposit of $10,000, so IBCFX have kept to their word. IBCFX have made me 25% on top of my initial deposit. Spam Cat wonders why you would be stupid enough to post this from the offices of...
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    IBCFX Scam Not Giving 7230 USD Profit Money

    I opened an account with Ibcfx in august and more than 15 times asked about any lot conditions to withdraw profit before opening account. With a deposit of 2500usd I made final profit of 7230usd in 2 weeks. Now the broker is not paying me the money. This is cheating and fraud, its a bucket...
  16. G

    Resolved - IBCFX.com withdrawal problem :

    Hello, I'm trying to withdraw some money on IBCFX.com for beginning of august. I tried many times, each time it is the same answer : refused. It's really difficult to speak to someone in this society. No one at phone, no answer at emails, sometimes there is someone on the Live chat, but they say...
  17. S

    Resolved - www.ibcforex.com alert - watch out - help

    ho aperto un conto nel mese di agosto e dopo diverse email di chiarimenti non avuti, ho richiesto il withdrawal del mio conto per ben due volte prima con il conto liquido compensivo dei profitti per un totale di circa 10.000 uds e poi per un importo di 5.000 che era il mio versamento iniziale...