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    The Collective FX GLOBAL-trading name of BDG Financial Services Ltd.

    I am having problems withdrawing funds from my Collective FX Global account. My initial request was submitted on February 24, 2014 at which time I received an automated response that my request was received. After not receiving funds I emailed again on April 1 and then on April 3. On April 3...
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    For me it’s the weirdest experience I ever have with a forex company, UFXMarkets has the worst dealers ever, all my trading in this account was through the dealer depending on his advices, he always put me in a critical position that needs more fund, it was only $ 5,000 until their broker called...
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    Resolved - UFX Markets and Tom Marks scam

    The above company and trader have lost me AUD 85000 in just over a week. They have been dishonest, have put me into trades that they knew were going to lose, have pressurised and bullied me into trades, have prevented me from accessing money in my account and closing my account and continue to...