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    ikofx.com manipulated the prices

    My complaint is about a series of trades made on 3 July 2014 on USD/JPY instrument between 12:30 and 13:11 platform time. The opening price of 101.92 at 12:30:02 has never been questioned and therefore is undisputed. What is however striking is what happened next. The minute which followed saw...
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    Ikofx is scam broker!!!

    IKOFX IS SCAM BROKER!!! yes they are scam broker with different style.. they're cheating from server & cancel profit.. i've 2 case with them about server with 2 different respon first they're not responsible with condition of server and second they're blame condition of server.. hereby my...
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    Ikofx Cheat My Grows Account!!

    Since Last Month I Claim But Ikofx Did Not Reply My Email And Wont Pay My 495$ Loss Claim This Is Because Of Gap Weekend But From Friday I Set My Stop Loss At Breakeven But They Moved My Sl So I Suffer Loss 495$ Now I Want Ikofx To Pay Back!!! This Secondly Happen To Me But My First...
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    IKOFX a Scam Broker

    I traded with Ikofx for total of 7 months. For the 1st 5 months, trading were normal, only ocaationally a few hick ups. I was making an average of 40-60% pe month until the last 2 months, the broker started to manupulate all the trades against me. I did a screen shots of how they adjust the...