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  1. I

    IKON Group announcement regarding Black Thursday

    As a result of the surprise announcement, on Thursday the 15th January, by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to eliminate its three-year-old cap on the franc (CHF), the global financial markets went into turmoil and some of our Competitors went into insolvency and others suffered substantial losses...
  2. I

    IKONFX Held Seminar in Collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce – Naser Taher proclaimed on t

    IKONFX " that is known as IKON Group ' held a seminar on Investment opportunities in Metals and Oil Commodities in collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce. Presiding over the event was Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al-Rawas. Naser Taher, CEO...
  3. M

    withdrawal problem- ikonfx

    I am trading with ikonfx, I have asked 500$ withdrawal on Feb 18 and reminded them about the withdrawal. On feb 27th they provided tt copy , from that only I came to know that I provided wrong Bank name. Thats my fault. They asked me to send a mail stating the correct bank name. And I have sent...
  4. Ajawed

    Daily Forex Analysis By IKON MARKETS For The Month Of December SPAMMED INTO FPA's CURRENT SIGNALS FO

    Ikon employees have a bad habit of ignoring simple FPA forums rules and getting banned. 10th December 2012 Gold (spot) up on Friday made its intraday high of US$1705.37/ ounce after setting intraday low of US$1683.62/ounce. Gold settled up by 0.286% at US$1704.03/ounce. Silver (spot)...
  5. A

    IKON FX biggest scam! Stay away

    I am writing to warn everyone who even remotely considers using IKON Group to forget about it and move on to the next broker. These guys should not even be allowed in the Forex market. Their English customer service employees are very unprofessional and cannot even speak English properly, not...
  6. lck1115

    IKON FX Products spam in General Forex Talk

    n April 2012 the Ricoh and IKON brands will align and we will go to market as Ricoh moving forward. The FPA wonders why Ikon keeps spamming the FPA forums.
  7. M

    Resolved - Ikon FX - SCAM (withdrawal problems)

    Ikon FX - SCAM! I can not get back $15000 from my account almost 3 weeks!!! Ikon FX ignoring my emails and chat support saying "we can not help you, we have no any information from financial department and so on." WATCH OUT THIS SCAM!
  8. Pharaoh

    IKON GM Nailed by the NFA for Using a Virtual Dealer Plugin

    IKON GM Nailed by the NFA for Using a Virtual Dealer Plugin by Pharaoh Just when I thought I had my writing addiction cured As infuriated as I am and the CFTC and NFA for some of their incredibly moronic new regulations, this time I have to deeply thank the NFA for watching out for forex...
  9. Forexikon

    SPAM "Global War": Global talent show! Who'll be the big winner? SPAM from IkonFx

    THIS SPAMMER WAS WARNED TO STOP POSTING IN NON-COMMERCIAL AREAS OF THE FORUMS. HIS RESPONSE WAS TO POST THIS TWICE IN THE FPA'S COMMUNITY FORUMS. The fiercest battle of forex contest----Ikon Group Global Forex Demo Contest: a battle without gunfire, no conspiracy, but still existing WITH...
  10. Pharaoh

    Complain about Ikon-Royal and they want damages

    Complain about Ikon-Royal and they want damages By Pharaoh Hiding in a remote location to avoid getting sued for writing this Isn't it great to have a place like the FPA where you can complain about problems with forex brokers and other forex products? Isn't it nice to know that there...