1. cTrader

    Gann Drawing Open-Source Indicator Release

    We at Spotware are delighted to announce the release of the Gann Drawing Indicator - an exclusive open-source indicator that allows our traders to easily draw the chart patterns of Gann Box, Gann Square and Gann Fan on their charts. The main purpose of this new addition is to demonstrate the...
  2. D

    Help fix an indicator FX Trouble shooter ex4

    Hi this indicator licence doesn't work can anyone help in fixing it, I have sent several emails to the developer but unfortunately no reply in Thanks
  3. cTrader

    cTrader Community Team Releases Pattern Drawing Indicator

    cTrader Community Team announces the first release of our Pattern Drawing Indicator! The Pattern Drawing Indicator is an indicator that allows traders to easily draw the following patterns on the chart: XABCD Cypher Pattern ABCD Pattern Triangle Pattern Three Drives Pattern Head and Shoulders...
  4. Aleksey_Ivanov

    New Forex Stuff StatZigZag indicator

    Description and work algorithm. The StatZigZag indicator looks like a regular ZigZag, but is built on the basis of completely different algorithms. The StatZigZag indicator is a broken line built from segments of regression lines of different lengths, the beginning of each of which comes from...
  5. O

    Anyone knows whatever happened to + The Wave Tech Forex Analyzer Indicator

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen Anyone knows whatever happened to + The Wave Tech Forex Analyzer Indicator I cant seem to find its website anymore Thank you and kind regards
  6. Aleksey_Ivanov

    New Forex Stuff Multicurrency Trend Detector indicator

    The Multicurrency Trend Detector (MTD) indicator allows you to immediately and on one chart on a selected time interval (extending from a zero bar to a bar set in the settings by the value horizon) determine the presence, direction and strength of trends in all major currencies, as well as...
  7. Aleksey_Ivanov

    New Forex Stuff Absolute price indicator

    The Absolute price indicator is intended for professionals assessing fundamental market trends. This indicator calculates the index of any instrument and analyzes it. The Absolute price indicator allows you to determine the index or absolute price of any currency from a currency pair containing...
  8. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Currency Strength Indicator, Two Methods

    In this illustrated article we will show forex traders a live currency strength indicator for managing trade entries. We will also show traders how to set up some simple trend indicators for currency strength assessment based on market trends. Both systems work for 8 currencies and 28 pairs...
  9. Aleksey_Ivanov

    New Forex Stuff «Robust filter» Indicator

    The Robust filter indicator is based on the robust filtering algorithm developed by the author using the multi-period averaged moving median. The algorithm for this averaging is shown in the last screenshot. The indicator calculates and shows: 1. The direction of the trend; 2. Entry and exit...
  10. A

    Super Trend Profit - 90/95% of profitable trading signals

    Super Trend Profit Forex Indicator is a very good beginners as it signals give signals when to buy/sell which is clearly displayed on the chart. The indicator is a custom made moving average. When you trade with this indicator, you can actually see textual information that is displayed on the...
  11. erik59

    Simple 3 indicator strategy based on profitunity trading and the Science of chaos

    Hello All Long time no see... This is a very unusual time right now, we have to stay home! I took profit of part of that time to make a new video version about the above strategy (links at the bottom of the thread) 3 indicator strategy base on Profitunity Trading and Science of Chaos Here are...
  12. N

    Forex Speedometer

    I found this is good for me. I use this speedometer to confirm my entry point with my strategy. If you want you can download from here.
  13. FXTradingRevolution

    Power of Side Indicator

    If you have not read the thread "Important (please read first!) + TOC", please read it carefully before using this indicator. Thank you. We would like to introduce to you the second indicator called Power of Side. Based on our experience, it is a high-quality indicator that shows situations in...
  14. FXTradingRevolution

    Powerful Buyers & Sellers Zones Indicator

    If you have not read the thread "Important (please read first!) + TOC", please read it carefully before using this indicator. Thank you. We are introducing our first very powerful indicator that shows the zones in the markets where based on statistics and market volatility strong accumulation...
  15. FXTradingRevolution

    Important (please read first!) + TOC

    We are delighted to introduce to you a revolutionary innovation of Forex Peace Army! In cooperation with a team of professional traders from FX Trading Revolution we have prepared for you an exclusive collection of our best and most powerful indicators that will help you to achieve profitable...
  16. ElaineMDG

    MT4 acting funky

    up until the past 3-4 days, I haven't had ANY problems with the MT4 platform. Now-my S & R lines disappear after about 24 hours, and on every chart-it looks like there's a horizontal line "stuck" to the price-moving up & down with it just a pip or so away-but it's not listed under my...
  17. P

    Metatrader – what can it do?

    Dear forum, I am pretty new to forex and investing in general. A few weeks so far. I have downloaded an indicator for MetaTrader 4 as an .ex4 file – so I have no source code for it. This indicator basically paints some horizontal high/low bars onto my charts So far I have not done any...
  18. zebrafx

    Free Technical Analysis by zebrafx

    Euro, where are you going to go?? » zebrafx The technical picture for the euro currency portends “sales”. For example, moving averages with parameters 20 and 34, hasn’t formed a reverse “buy” signal. Stochastic Oscillator has generated a sell signal by intersection of % K and %D. Also...
  19. N

    Difference between normal indicator and custom indicator

    Hi guys, Can someone please explain to me the difference between an indicator and a custom indicator. Some Indicators are under both Indicator and Custom Indicators, but the settings windows are different?! Thank a lot! ;)
  20. P

    FTS Toolkit - Tick chart drawing indicator + Save ticks in MT4

    Fellow Squad Members, I always wanted to see tickcharts for forex pairs even if the general explanation of why we don't have is that 'hey, this is an OTC market, you won't see all ticks even nearly'. Using tick data can result in different charts from broker to broker probably depending on...