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    Insta Forex SCAM.....

    I have been trading for 2 years with different brokers but I am in Pakistan and here it is easy to deposit in insta forex by different methods so i traded ith them,In past 3 months I didnt deposit any money in them but I made Bonus in their Bonus for posting campaign And I go my bonus last month...
  2. P Refused to payout My withdrawals

    I so disappointed by after failing to complete my withdrawal request for the second time which i placed on 1 august 2012. This is after i place my first request on 13 July 1012 which failed and money posted back to my trading account after i complained for the delay of the request...
  3. D

    Instaforex A Huge Scam

    I deposited $1,000 into my Instaforex trading account on 24/05/2012 through Moneybookers and despite numerous emails to their finance dept, support and Live Chat, they refuse to either credit my account with my deposit or refund me my money. I have sent countless emails trying to get my money...
  4. M

    I need urgent help please , Issue with

    some times instaforex company can cancel the deposit bonus but this time they canceled my own funds considering it as bonus : In 26 Avril I deposited 500$ and received 150$ deposit bonus ( the total = 650 $) , then I lost 642$ and that's mean the account contain only 8$ from the total...
  5. W

    INSTAFOREX cancel my profits 520$

    Hello. I am a holder account number 7144620 at Instaforex. On 26 Dec 2011 I has traded some with 177$ till got profit total 520.57$ just in few hours. After withdraw some money, I left my computer with floating position. But when I checked my account a few hour later, I saw my account was...
  6. T

    Instaforex SCAM ALERT

    I want to warn all of you to stay away from Instaforex... That's the worst brokerage company EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using my own coded scalping EA and they keep messing with my orders... I made over 40% in November and since December I keep missing my Take profit levels but the Stop losses are...
  7. T

    instaforex problem pamm account

    on 28 December PAMM investor acc number 7172107 has been invest $130 to my pamm trader acc number 7148051 but to date the fund has not entered my acc PAMM trader. pamm trader : 7148051 pamm investor : 7172107 please help me
  8. J

    Another Instaforex SCAM

    Instaforex robbed me of 300 USD by deducting a Bonus amount which already had been deducted. My complaints where to no avail and when I sent a request to they did not answer.
  9. R

    Instaforex not pay over 3 days

    Instaforex very bad not professional, they not paid me since monday 3 days over.. They respond very bad in the email, promise withdraw process within 1 days but until now not process, I will report to RAFMM, if still not progress i will report to alertpay as my payment method... BIG company but...
  10. T

    Instaforex - CANCEL ERROR ORDERS

    On 23 August 2011, I opened a MT5 live account with Instaforex. I made 3 deposit on.., 25 August 2011 = $1000 USD 26 August 2011 = $1000 USD 29 August 2011 = $1000 USD Total deposited = $3000 USD Started trading as usual. On 5 October 2011, i made withdrawal $2000 USD. On 4...
  11. P fraud

    Dear Sir, I have account with They executed stop order against my account. My claim is that their calculation of loss against some orders specially against GPY was not correct. They are showing more loss against those orders. As a result my account was in risk. They executed...
  12. C

    instaforex already scam fraud?

    until now my withdraw winning in instaforex not pay, when i request they reject. Since 28 september 2011 they not pay me with many reason. So i think instaforex is fraudulent play money client. Please help me FPA for clearing this issue, or instaforex ready to scam not pay customer?
  13. J

    Instaforex Scam!! ($8200 Un-Authorized Withdrawal)

    On August 10th 2011 I logged into my Instaforex account only to find out that 99% of my money had just been withdrawaled. Somehow, some way, someone obtained access to my account with my pin code and made a withdrawal of $8200(My entire accounts balance) to Liberty Reserve. Not only did I not...
  14. P

    Instaforex IB account withdrawal problem

    I have an IB account with instaforex and they are denying me of the fund withdrawal. Forex peace army, help me out.
  15. K

    Instaforex is a scam and now they spam

    I don't know if I'm at the good place to post but anyway... I didn't bother to read the forum rules. I didn't bother to look through the website and see that InstaForex has it's own review page and forums discussion thread. I just posted my spam in the first place I found - the Current Forex...
  16. M

    INSTA Forex doesn't process the requested withdrawal

    Since the end of May I try to get my deposited money from INSTA. Many emails have been sent and the only thing I can see is the incompetence of the support. Ekaterina Surkova was the only person who at least tried to solve the problem. But now I don't even get an answer anymore. It's been...
  17. N


    complaint and claim Name: Nizamuddin b. ghazalli nationality: malaysian Id. No. : 850412085129 Acc. No. : 7072607 (singapore server) Details of the case: Date : 3rd may 2011 Time : 16:28 (GMT+8) Pair : GBPUSD case order number : #337608430 Position : Sell Entry price : 1.6554...
  18. M

    Instaforex Took both my Profit and Capital; Help!

    I opened an account with instaforex and trade the account. I made some profit and later made a withdrawal. They delay and keep pleading they will send my fund only to hear today that there is gap correction which they took all my profit and 75% of my capital {the money i deposited} Please...
  19. R

    Instaforex SCAM

    Instaforex are scammers. dont ever invest there and for others who have invested there already withdraw it immediately ( although i doubt you will get your withdrawal). I waited for my withdrawal chasing after them for 5 days and they were always asking me that my withdrawal is...
  20. O

    instaforex scam

    First complaint I want to tell you about my account (228378) Account Name: Oladunni Feyiropo in InstaForex. I have opened this account on January 2011, and deposited $100, the first order was opened and after that I have opened and closed positions on different pairs. Until Friday evening...