1. M

    instaforex what a joke don't send them any money

    insta forex what a joke insta forex what a joke took my money and can't find it:unhappy:
  2. A

    Be aware with InstaForex !!!

    Hello FPA, a few weeks ago, I was trying to broker this and after making profit in the three days I tried to make a withdrawal. However, from June 1, 2010 I did not receive my withdrawal until 4 June 2010. They are not process my withdrawal and back my fund at balance again. please see my...
  3. pirates

    Beware trading in InstaForex

    See this link I'm sorry I cannot post the proof but my freind in the forum can proof that
  4. Z

    The last scandals, is not regulated.

    This is new fact - at least for me - that i knew today. As an ex reader in Instaforex i was shown for a thousand times this page Broker licence as a legal reality for this company , and many , many traders join instaforex only because they though that this licence are really for instaforex...
  5. Z

    Help , Some one call the police for InstaForex .

    Hi All, this problem happened with me 2 months a go , and i did not report it in that time because i though that it`s a normal problem and i`m the only responsible for this problem. but 2 weeks a go it`s happened again but by the opposite case , so i wonder how come this problem happen in...
  6. G

    I can't WD from InstaForex, Please help!!

    Dear FPA, I'm Grace Era, I used Instaforex. when the first I join, there are no problems at all. but now I have a big problem. this is the history, Juni 2009, I deposit to insta via wire transfer. July 2009, I linked my account to and as you know the was...
  7. D

    Scam Broker-Insta Forex

    Help me to My Account 118199 <pswd=BetOb789> at Insta Forex. I do Withdrawing $167.57: 18682309 2009.10.26 05:18 WT #48632, 66.60 USD 18788298 2009.10.27 11:34 WT #48952, 100.97 USD Please Return to My Capital at Liberty Reserve U7789564 Help me....
  8. I

    Instaforex - The Greatest Thieves in the World!

    Hi! My name is Izsak Gabor, and I would like to request your help! Here is the story: (I posted it here: InstaForex - - Page 75 - Forex Trading) The EUR/HUF price was not moving on 2009.02.13 from 14:00 to 18:30 while I had 3 open short positions (other prices were moving...
  9. H

    The Greatest Rogue Broker Of All Times-instaforex

    Comerades in arms i salute you! The mystery accompanying instaforex's scamming trading account number 68409 is far yet from being over and is just beginning!This fraudsters,thieves and rogue brokers have uptill now deliberately refused to have my withdrawn funds transferred to my account in my...
  10. H

    The Unrepentant Millennium Fraudsters-instaforex

    Comerades In Arms;i Salute You;rememember The Petition ,i Have Scammed By Intaforex From Trading Account No. 68409? The Controversy Is Still Unsolved And Am Back Again On It;instaforex Where Is My Money Despite The Withdrawals Made On The 13th, March, 2009 And 1 April, 2009? Whoever Cares To...
  11. H

    Instaforex The Current Cemetery For Traders And Investor

    A Word Is Enough For The Wise;instaforex Is Now Investors Murderers And Burial Grounds;kidly Avoid Trading On Instaforex And For Those Already With Them This Caution And Warning Is For You; Withdraw All Your Monies And Get Ready That Your Monies Will Never Be Transferred Back To Your Account And...
  12. H

    I Have Been Scamed By Instaforex

    Comerades in arma i salute you all.instaforex have scamed me.I requested for a withdrawals of 500 dollars from trading account no. 68409 on the 13th of march 2009, but uptil now i have not received my money. I complained to instaforex morethan five times through live chatting but they claimed...
  13. Scam Investigations Committee

    InstaForex - A New Excuse to Confiscate Profits

    FPA members Yulia and Barunia both complained in FPA’s forums that InstaForex not only cancelled their signup bonuses, but also removed all profits from their accounts, refunding only their initial deposits. InstaForex’s representatives in our forums, Ekaterina and Anna claimed that Yulia and...
  14. A

    InstaForex new $8000 Scam

    Hello, I want to tell you about my account (39302) in InstaForex. they have deleted all the history of my account containing $8000 profit. I have opened this account on Monday, November 10 2008, and deposited $100. at the same day, the first order was opened and aftar that I have opened and...
  15. B

    insta forex also scammed my money

    hello forexpeace army i was scammed by instaforex, my case was just like yulia. i "buy" with 3lot on AUD/USD when market was going to close, and when market opened on monday. i got alot of profit. i got $445, so i made withdrawal request. but after waiting so long my withdrawal had not been...
  16. Y

    Please Help Me..

    Instaforex has stolen my money.. i am the client of instaforex i have lost my profit and my withdrawal has not been processed until now.. my name is yuli kusumawati my account number : 38229 i made long position 3 minutes before market closed on friday and on monday i got profit $369 but...