instagram scam

  1. B

    Jenny_bitcoin_trade BIG SCAM!!

    I was scammed by an account called "Jenny Bitcoin trade" on Instagram. They stole $ 2,600 USD from me. I believe it is a group that operates behind this account. It is not the first time that they have been reported and they are very dangerous and unscrupulous people. They claim to be bitcoin...
  2. Estherdew

    Scammed by fxprotrade

    Hello my name is Esther please I need help and this my story, I wanted to start trading and I don't have knowledge and one day I was on Instagram and there is a page there named WarrenBuffettquote with original Warren picture that suggested to people to follow certain account managers to help...
  3. L

    Instagram SCAM: eric_trade_fx OR: erictradefx_ OR: ericfxtrade_ STAY AWAY ALL SCAMS Pictures taken from
  4. C

    Swingmarketscfd, Legacy Apex Bank & 24Onlinestocktrade Scam

    hi, I have contacted by Mr Adam Thomson/Adams Thompson(USA) thru instagram on 17th Jan2020. Start invest(USD535) & account manage by him. One week later, rec'd mail from Swingmarketscfd ask to top up USD3687 to claim bonus USD20,000. After top up they transfer fund (USD36,867.82 include other...