1. L

    Scam: Chinese scammers - instagram

    Hello everyone, I want to tell you my story. First of all I want to make it clear that she had all the ingredients to be a victim: - I wanted to meet Chinese women - I did not know anything about cryptocurrencies, or trader, or brokers - I'm a bit of a trusting person With this they can be...
  2. E.Peters

    Instagram @Michelle_Investments

    Another Instagram scam labeled @Michelle_Investments. Claiming to make you financially independent by trading Forex. You will set up an account with a bogus company called Apexx Options by funding the account with bitcoin. You will see profits go up and up and up, however when it is time to...
  3. B

    CJMtrading_fx - Instagram - avoid big scammers !

    Hi there, i actually became aware of this company through a celeb i follow on Instagram @jasonweekender. I didn't know that much about Forex but was looking for ways of making money online and I kept seeing adverts come up on my Instagram. I figured if celebs (there was more than one) were...
  4. Amajangbah

    Forexgodmother A.k.A Charlotte secured investment on instagram

    HEllo guys can you please help me i was scam by forex godmother aka Charlotte secured investment on instagram she took my 500$ and block me on Instagram WhatsApp and telegram now I cannot contact her on any platform please help
  5. Giordano_Belforte

    Able Trading/Forex Signal Scam

    Hello. Do not enroll with Able Forex on IG or Telegram. They are scammers and they will take your money and never deliver you the service promised. I am talking about this guy here: I paied to join months ago when they had a different marketing technique. But now they are also claiming...
  6. M

    Scammer Alert: Instagram @fx.strategies

    Hi everyone, I am here because I don't want anyone get scammed by the @fx.strategies They have a nice Instagram profile and they host a free webinar every Friday. In the end, I bought his "course" and signal service for $127. Guess what, their 80 pages forex course is ripped from
  7. F

    Jim Starnes Dropshipping and Forex Scam

    I was scammed out of $998 by Jim Starnes on Instagram. He said he has been trading forex for the last 5 years and that he was a multi millionaire drop shipper. I quickly realized after buying his drop shipping course that he was a total fraud and the course itself was a scam. It provided no real...