integra mmg

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    Integrammg scam !

    I have been scammed by this guys , they was working under the name MidasGlobe and now they called me and tried to steal my money again under different name Integrammg , this guys we take all of your money without blinking. I read in the forum that they operate from Ukraine and Israel , i hop...
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    Integrammg SCAM Company Stay Away From These Thieves

    A few weeks ago I got a call from Integrammg ( they tried to persuade me to open an account, so i started with $250 account , i made some profit and ask for a withdrawal , Then the excuses and lies began and they tried to convince me in any way no to make a withdrawal , But I...
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    Problem and Midas Globe This Same Scammers, now also

    A scam company that called MidasGlobe took my money number of months ago , all the email's and all the calls didn't work at all , one day i got a call from a company that called integrammg , i don't know why but i had a feeling that it's the same company because i asked them how they got my...