interactive options

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    Interactive Options - Tomas Senna Chief Trader

    We started with Interactive Options in 5 december 2014 and have been scammed and lied to and ignored contacted by seven different people from interactive options all wanting more money to help us out of the mess. that Tomas Senna - created in the first place. Tomas Senna helped me to get my...
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    interactiveoption stole my balance by doing trade themself

    I have deposit 350 usd on 21/5/15 on account number =1139934 i have just login my account and i saw that my account is empty there is no balance remaining in my account they have traded on my account i have not login from while i have contacted them but i did not get good responses they are not...
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    beware of

    I deposited in June 30th $5,000.00 USD and took no bonus. My broker sent me trades until my account was almost half and I decided enough is enough. I put a withdrawal in for the balance on August 11 and they dicked me around until finally they said my account was verified and the withdraw date...