1. Hungdkh91

    IQoption is scam.

    i trade in iqoption, and deposid 460$ and win 3000$ in IQoption, and withdrawal to my e-wallet, but today 8 working day, they don't sent money from my account in IQoption to my e-wallet. I don't know how to get the winnings. Can you help me?
  2. U

    IQ option scammed me my whole money blocked my after finally

    I don't know why we are lossing our hard earned for IQ coz they said I was doing illegal trades how? While I was trading manually with my computer laptop and I also use pre paid internet here in Africa IP addresses keep being changing every time I' was looking for help to get my money back from...
  3. D

    Has anyheard of Telegram channel Binary Opiton ..Michaelkurt admin

    His telegram channel name is Binary option.. Link - Admin - He show proofs of sending btc to various people as payemnt.. Offer 10x withnin5days .. with btc, skrill etc .. Does anyone has ever invested with him.. He also show of Big Trades of 30k screenshot...
  4. Way2sumitbhutani

    Scam Alert IQ option

    Hi, I trade through IQ option recently dec2019, I lost there 11000usd. Initially I was doing good, withdrawal deposit both were smoothly functioning. My trading got suspicious when I got call first time call from my So called VIP manager and after that I got a mail regarding SWOT analysis of...
  5. hein123

    IQ Option - Blocked Account Due To Using VPS ???

    I have been trading with IQ Option for a couple of months. I did like their platform and had some luck with a couple of trades. Withdrawals went well, but then all of a sudden just when I started to make a profit I got an email saying that my account was blocked due to me using a VPS. I do...
  6. S

    IQ Option SCAM - blocked me from trading & cancel my withdrawal when profitable

    Hi everyone, First & foremost, I'm sorry if the post if this post is very long, I just would like to write it as detailed as possible. Base details: Total deposit done: USD 4,000 Total trade profit: ~USD 15,539 Total withdraw done: USD 8,600 (USD 4,000 being initial deposit, USD 4,600 being...
  7. Q

    Scammed by Telegram IQ option investment

    Hi. I'm new to all this but i had to share my very recent experience. I fell for a scam investment on telegram by a @Robert Barnes. He enticed me very well into an investment and then asked to provide his commission as it couldnt be deducted from the profits made. I feel such a fool but his free...
  8. P


    Premetto che sono stato un Trader sulla piattaforma di IQOption dal 2016. Non ho mai avuto problemi fin quando nel mese di Giugno 2018 ho personalmente scoperto una strategia che si è rivelata così accurata che mi ha permesso di guadagnare il 1200% netto. Sono partito con un conto di $2500 e in...
  9. T

    IQ Option Scam

    These are the images of a pending withdrawal that IQ option has canceled. They refuse to release this money. I've started the complaint procedure through CySEC but they are still investigating, and it can take 2 months. IQ claims they are investigating, but why have they canceled the withdrawal...
  10. rajibmistic

    IQ Options (Price Manipulation Proof)

    Hello Traders, I am absolutely beginner on trading with real money. But I have been following and learning about trades. I was doing average with IQ options. Started with 47 USD. Some of my strategies worked other failed. And left my account with 62 USD. Here comes the issue, I started trading...
  11. kasparslapsa


    Dear forex peace army members, Admins, As you all know there are many groups in telegram application about forex/binary/investment. And one of them is IQ Option groups. That offer free signals and a chance to invest money and get back huge returns, but do not be fooled because; "Just invest...
  12. B

    IQ Option CPA program don't want to payme 500$, they are SCAMERS

    I am a IQ Option affiliate and i catch a kind of user who they call 'Whale", it is a user who deposited between 150$ and 299$, if the user reaches a trading volume that exceed 1500$ i should win a 500$ payout, the user reached the necessary trading volume i saw that on my CPA account...
  13. R

    IQ Option CPA program is a Scam

    I got 10 customers who deposited money in the iq option, but on payday they banned my affiliate account and paid me nothing, they are scammers.
  14. I

    Scammed By IQ Option

    I deposited $3000 and then made about profits till $6000 and now they hold my withdrawl then block my account i recorded their live call here i need help please like and share as much as possible thanks Iq is a scam take care.
  15. H

    IQOption is a waste of Time

    Do you ever wondered why you are failing to make profit with iqoption platform? because I did realize that once before I caught iqoption tricks. I use to be a regular trader on iqoption but failed every time to make money not because of my strategy.... it was all about iqoption tricks that was...
  16. V

    Resolved: IQ Option SCAM and FRAUT - They don't like succesfull traders

    Hi everyone.I am trader with a 10+ years of experience I have an IQ Option account for a long time but I haven't really used it until last month on 9th october when I have made my first deposit of 3.000$, wanting to try out their platform, especially for their HIGH return on EUR/USD asset...
  17. M

    Scammed By IQ Option

    Never ever trade with IQ Option. 2017/10/25 15:59 & 16:20 South African Time. I went long on the USD/CAD and seconds later the position was in the money. The worst unimaginable thing happened. System started hanging. Unfortunately for me, I was not trading with "stop loss".I was confident of...
  18. M

    IQ Option SCAMs me of almost 100.000 $ !!!

    Hello everyone ! I am so upset now, IQ Option is threatening not to pay my money and to close my account ! My story is the following : I have started trading on IQ Option and I was losing a lot of money, I was making deposits of 2.000EUR, 5000 EUR,8000 EUR and I was constantly losing money...
  19. V

    Resolved: IQ Option trying to steal my money

    Hi, I made a $2005 withdrawal request in my neteller account. My IQ Option account is verified I sent all requested documents. After 24 hours my money don't arrived in my neteller account. I contacted the support and they said that I need to send documents to verify my account again so I send...
  20. UKStephen

    Resolved - IQ Option - Not confident I will be able to withdraw my profits

    Hello, I've been reading a lot about this company (I am familiar with the runesca case here), and I'm a little concerned I'll never see this cash, which completely undermines the initial risk I took to get it (I'm sure any potential customers would want to know about it too!) What's happened...