1. M

    Scammed By IQ Option

    Never ever trade with IQ Option. 2017/10/25 15:59 & 16:20 South African Time. I went long on the USD/CAD and seconds later the position was in the money. The worst unimaginable thing happened. System started hanging. Unfortunately for me, I was not trading with "stop loss".I was confident of...
  2. M

    IQ Option SCAMs me of almost 100.000 $ !!!

    Hello everyone ! I am so upset now, IQ Option is threatening not to pay my money and to close my account ! My story is the following : I have started trading on IQ Option and I was losing a lot of money, I was making deposits of 2.000EUR, 5000 EUR,8000 EUR and I was constantly losing money...
  3. V

    Resolved: IQ Option trying to steal my money

    Hi, I made a $2005 withdrawal request in my neteller account. My IQ Option account is verified I sent all requested documents. After 24 hours my money don't arrived in my neteller account. I contacted the support and they said that I need to send documents to verify my account again so I send...
  4. UKStephen

    Resolved - IQ Option - Not confident I will be able to withdraw my profits

    Hello, I've been reading a lot about this company (I am familiar with the runesca case here), and I'm a little concerned I'll never see this cash, which completely undermines the initial risk I took to get it (I'm sure any potential customers would want to know about it too!) What's happened...
  5. ruseneca

    GUILTY Case# 2017-049 | ruseneca vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Problems with IQOption started in the late December 2016 when I had some issues with latency in order execution and impossibility to close early an option. As a result, the amount of $100...
  6. S

    IQ Option

    Hi ALL, Please be careful for IQ Option. At this stage, would not recommend as a broker to trade Binary Options. The reason – my account have been blocked and “no one” from IQ Option will call me and explain why (“The designated department issuing these investigations have found fraudulent...
  7. Iq Option CPA

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello Everybody, I am here to represent our affiliate program, if you have any questions regarding it I am always ready to help! Have a great day ahead!
  8. F

    attention iqoption is a scam

    i opend 100 USD account with iqoption since 2 months manage to earn 20usd and i withdraw my 100usd since more than 2 money never come in my bank account . u used my bank card to deposite i use it to withdraw also .. when i contact the support they tol me do not worry the technical support will...
  9. ruseneca Started Scamming

    Fellow Army, I hereby inform anyone that Iqoptoin has been spotted outside the fair and transparent business practices. Problems with that broker started in the late December 2016 for me when I made a deposit worth $100 and lost everything because of incorrect execution of deals and...
  10. blancamgirard

    Weird things with IQoption

    I;ve been using IQ Option for a few months, (some real money) and primarily on demo. I’ve had a couple of weird things happen, but overall it seems a good platform. However today I put in a large demo PUT Trade which was Won, but the software download platform said it was a loss?!!!! I’ve...
  11. J


    IQOPTION É FRAUDE. Se você está pensando em colocar seu dinheiro nela, FUJA. Caso ganhe, sua conta pode ser BLOQUEADA sem motivo algum. Você não verá mais a cor do seu dinheiro. Assim que você ganha uma operação com valor alto, Eles começam a ter enrolar pra sacar e vão pedir vários documentos...
  12. N

    Iqoptions account blocked

    I started out trading on this platform in April with 200usd, and long story short, i made 12000usd off of them. They have been playing around with me for the last 2 weeks and making up excuses for not giving up the money, safe to say they dont like winners lol. Anyways, today i try logging in...
  13. A

    IQoption is a Scam

    Last December 5th of 2014 I decided to open an account with the broker IQOPTION. This broker offers financial product Binary Options. Knowing the risks of investing in this type of financial product, I decided to create and formalized my account. After spending several months(7 months) on this...
  14. A

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