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    Problem IronFx withdrawal problem

    I can't get my money back from IronFx since 2015.07.14. They don't answer to any of my e-mails, just simply ignore me. A few years ago I called the hungarian office to get my money back they just asked me back: Why do you need your money?
  2. J

    Problem Ironfx Withdrawal Troubles

    I have made several attempts to withdraw money from IronFx. All have been ignored and waiting to be processed.......... The most Recent attempt was made in May 2018 - this is still 'waiting for processing' The first in March 2017.
  3. K

    Problem IronFX waiting a year for my withdrawal

    Iron fx - I waiting one year for withdraws!!! Your company IRON FX is scam!!! I waiting for withdraws!!! I send you many manyyyy emails, chat message and letter!!! Account: 15018634 Email: k****
  4. L

    Problem IronFX withdraw issues

    I'm trying to withdraw my funds from IronFX since 22-11-2016 without any success. I have US$ 9663,89 stopped there and an withdraw of US$1500,00 opened in 28-02-2017 still pending. I want to withdraw all my funds there but there are no answers to my emails or skype. My account manager (Nuno...
  5. V

    Problem Scam IronFX have not payed my money back, I have FOS decision!!!

    IronFX have not payed my deposit back. although i have the deciision from the FOS, according to which IF. have to pay my deposit back They do not answer. my mails. I got the decision on 17 of may , more than 3 months ago. My account nr.20027798 IS IRONFX SCAM???? Decide it
  6. R

    Problem IronFx, please provide a detailed explanation why I can not withdraw my money

    Dear IronFX Officer I am Raman Vasileuski, account 8027269. Please provide a detailed explanation why I can not withdraw my money $2475. Current rest of the Deposit $5029.89, previously was granted bonus $2300. And in response to my claim after 5 weeks get the standard answer: """ Following...
  7. M

    Problem IronFx victims: report here of your pending withdrawal requests

    We know that there are thousands of clients whose withrawal requests are not executed by IronFx. Pending withdrawal request do not only affect old clients, who have been waiting for their money since early 2015, but new clients as well. IronFx refuses to return funds to clients in a widespread...
  8. C

    Problem Another victim of Ironfx

    In 2014 I deposited 10000 euros in Iron fx but never used that money. On the 7th of December of 2016 I ordered the withdrawal and never got my money back. My withdrawal order is still processing. I spoke to my account manager and other people in Madrid office but never obtained an explanation...
  9. IronFX Officer

    Problem IronFX – Falsely Accused Broker

    Dear all, Thank you for your continuing posts and comments. Your constructive approach is appreciated and welcomed as it provides a sensible discussion forum for us to engage using facts rather than hearsay. Please understand our position in clearing what was indeed proven to be a multitude...
  10. N

    Resolved - SCAM alert Ironfx - another example

    Hello wanted to share my story... from what i see nothing new unfortunately :( I have money in Ironfx and i requested withdrawal around 40 days ago status is "Waiting for processing" I'm trying to reach them in any possilbe way but it seems impossible chat doesn't work, support number doesn't...
  11. A

    Problem IronFx : Whistleblower corner

    The IronFx scandal is also possible because regulators have been keeping information on the financial situation and fraudolent activities of the company secret. So let’s make all information public. We know that the company treats its staff like ****, refuse to pay commissions, accommodation...
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    Kmlegalnet announces a CLASS ACTION against IRONFX for fraud to investors. ONLY 50 euro, please be present!
  13. toroks

    Problem IronFx deregistered and changed into Notesco Financial Services

    According to a filing in the Cyprus Company Registrar, the Cypriot IronFx Global Limited was deregistered. The company got the new name Notesco Financial Services.Here you see that IronFx Global Ltd. is the PREVIOUS NAME...
  14. A

    Problem IronFx condemned over abusive contract terms

    The Cyprus Cyprus Consumer Protection Service has issued on 22.12.2017 a Decision against IronFx contract terms being unfair and non-compliant with EU rules on consumer protection. You can find a translation of the decision here
  15. S

    Problem not responding to my withdrawal request

    Hi Ironfx, The similar situation is also happened to me, I waited for my money received from withdrawal process since September 2015. I contacted many times to your all available email in your website and also to your account officer but NO RESULT. Moreover now my contacting is NOT RESPONDED at...
  16. J

    Problem Ironfx is scam broker

    Dear traders, Don`t deposit found in had deposited 5000 usd in Ironfx dated 10/14/2014, after some week I made profit 12893 usd, total amount was 17893 usd after that I tried to withdraw full amount then my account manager told me she had big amount lose this week so I withdraw...
  17. B

    Problem Ironfx victims

    We need all victims to report the case to authorities (ESMA, EC, CySeq, FOS) At least1000 victim needed to increase the pressure on authorities, and to make successful actions. It's important to spread this over the world! Send mail:EO@ombudsman.europa. eu, ctr... "Respected...
  18. AsstModerator

    Problem Documentary about IronFx

    A reviewer submitted the link to a video. I watched it and got in touch with Freddie Rostand, the man who created it. You can see his vimeo page here... The video is about 18 minutes long. I believe viewing it is time well spent. If you like it, share...
  19. K

    Problem Let's stick together - let's go to court together, like Chinese did!

    Hello everyone! I know about 100 people by now they've been scammed by binary options companies like optionRally and Banc De Binary. (for total amount about 10M USD). as they are not Europe Union Citizens the CySec will not help them - and even if they would be a citizens of EU, I don't...
  20. J

    Problem IRONfx Withdrawal Problem

    I trade with IronFX starting November 2014 until January 2015, My trading strategy is simple... I'am using WSS indicator and trade High risk with mostly 100pips buffer, my money management is controlled by depositing fund if necessary. So it was like a budgeting method by setting only the...