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  1. M

    Problem IronFX - Summary of all withdrawal delays

    Hello, I'm a new member of this forum. I'm having some problems to withdraw from my account on Ironfx like many of you. I think to do a summary table to resume the actual situation and to stay in touch. Write your experience and i will add in the rows below. Nickname Country...
  2. J

    Problem Waiting for my withdrawal from IronFx

    Hi, I am waiting my withdrawal since 10 days! Every day they fund another excuse and now they do not even answer me regarding this issue. My withdrawal is a small amount (~500 USD), what about big amount? These 500 USD are the final profit of my account. So, they agreed to withdraw the initial...
  3. S

    Problem Iron Fx- Beware

    Hello, Some months ago i opened 2 accounts with this broker and both of them were affected by Ironfx fraudulent behaviour. First of all i'm posting account 22019153. It was founded with 10k (7635+bonus), After less than 10 trades the account had a profit of 3891€. My surprise came when i...
  4. S

    Problem Iron Fx - Beware (2º case)

    Hello, I'm going to detailed the second account i had with this broker. I opened it with 5k. After some trades it went up to 5.3k. The problem came on 10/10/2014 with cad big move. I opened a trade with 10.3 lots (ticket 4368731), it was filled at 1.11362, that was 24 pips below the REAL...
  5. J

    Problem Iron Competition scam!

    I've just participated their Contest on the date of 15/7. I made a very good trading in the very early stage. And I'm in the ranking No.1 and 2 sometimes. However, on the next day, my account was disabled and I'm not able to login again. I went to live chat and the person told me that there's no...
  6. L

    Problem Iron fx offering up to $6000 cash for new accounts BEWARE

    I went on their chat line yesterday. Very evasive, no clear answers when I asked about withdrawals. They assured me that they are registered for EEC but that is not the case as Turkey which owns the part of Cyprus where they are domiciled, is NOT a member of EEC. It is not commercially possible...
  7. F

    Problem SCAM - 7000 Euro withdrawal pending since Aug 2015

    In 2014, I trusted Ironfx. Not any more. Since Aug 2015, I am waiting for them to process my withdrawal request. This is just my deposit that i made into my account with them with my credit card. I am not asking for any bonus or profit. Just my remaining deposit back.
  8. I

    Problem IronFX Scammed and SOLD OFF my ENTIRE IB AGREEMENT and banking information! Stay away from them!

    IronFX and their staff Harry Gautam took my entire IB agreement including my identification, address, banking information, everything in the Know Your Client package and gave it to my "ex' partner who had requested it and is now using it to solicit on the internet and use my banking...
  9. Z

    Problem IronFX Global Limited CySEC (Licence no. 125/10)

    Dear Friends Be aware of IronFX Global LimitedCySEC (Licence no. 125/10). This company is a scam. I have deposited fund $1000 US by my credit card on 2016-09-30. After doing a single trade, I requested fund with drawl on 2016-10-07 to them $ 983.12 US. From that day to date Nov 10 2016, My...
  10. A11029798

    Problem Ironfx Is a Scam

    Hello Guys It's been a year Ironfx isn't able to clear my withdraw where as amount is just 500$ to check there withdrawal system. what do you guys suggest me to do ? is there anyway to get my amount back i have still 4k in my account. Looking forward for your replies Regards
  11. A

    Problem cooming soon , want to join us ?

    Like all of you, most of polish IronFx customers were cheated. But we decided to start the real offence. That is why we are going to file a lawsuit including Cyprus prosecutor. There is +20 people involved, but the more people we engaged the more probably is our success. Everybody who wants to...