1. L scam.

    Hi I'm afraid I have been the victim of a scam by June 2017 I was contacted by "Alexander Lewin" and invested my first £20000, he contacted me in August with a 90 day investment scheme with proceeds to be available in November , however I had taken out a bonus with them which I...
  2. H

    ISGXchange OR IG Options Exchange SCAM

    Hi All, I am also another victim of this firm. Following are the points I'll like to raise. 1) Misrepresentation : The company claims to have offices in UK and Denmark however FCA has already confirmed in its unauthorised binary trading firms report that the UK address is not correct. I've...
  3. M

    ISG Xchange scam

    Hi This is a warning to those wanting to invest with My Father and I invested with them end of last year and for the last 2 months we have tried to take our money out but they are refusing to release it. They have become very aggresive and arrogant in their dealings with us and...
  4. B


    To anybody thinking of investing with this company - beware! I have invested a substantial amount of money with them. The moment that you attempt to withdraw any funds (despite all of their assurances and "guarantees"), the problems begin. I am more than happy and very comfortable to share on...
  5. H

    ISGXChang or IG Options Exchange

    Does anyone know/have experience of dealing with either of the mentioned firms? Any information towards the firm or pointers to old cases will be greatly appreciated. Regards PS : to moderator, apologies for putting original post in different group.
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    ISGXchange formally known as IG Options Exchange

    Hi, Has anyone got any information about the firm? Appears to be a standard run of the mill scammer. Would be good to know if there is any review about the firm or actual director/broker contact details.