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    4Xp=ITCFX=IBCFX=ITNFX same peoples same SCAMMMM!!!!

    We need to stop these peoples to still money and run away!!! Many web sites with the same persons on the back. STOp,STOP,STOP SCAMMERS!!!!!ITCFX Broker,attenzione TRUFFA!!!!
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    GUILTY Case# 2014-079 | bassonsn vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: ITCFX does not return my deposit, they are ignoring me, there telephone no's doesn't work, got to some fish and chips place in London. They all vanished, don't read my mails (have mail alert...
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    ITCFX is a scam!!!!

    I have 85 000 USD of my money in their account, tried to withdraw for the last 5 weeks. no feedback, no withdraw, no email returns.
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    ITCFX Broker,attenzione TRUFFA!!!!

    ITCFX Broker,attenzione TRUFFA!!!! ITCFX BROKER ,Nessuna autorizzazione,DA EVITARE come…..LA PESTE!!! Ho aperto un conto Live con ITCFX con 1000$,dopo un periodo di trading ho raggiunto la cifra di 5200$. Ho richiesto il ritiro dei mie 1000$ e dopo mille difficolta’ sono riuscito a ottenere...
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