1. V

    Itfx - Scam?

    Hey, after 1,5 years of trading I wanted to withdraw my ITFX account and get my money back. It was 2,5 months ago... Since my first note I received a few emails that they are processing my request, waiting for the clearing department's response, will update me shortly and appreciate my...
  2. AsstModerator

    Problem InvestTechFx Problems? Post here.

    The FPA already declared InvestTechFx to be a scam, but the complaints from traders are still coming in. If ITFX won't process your withdrawals, please post about it here. If you are in the USA, you should also contact the CFTC.
  3. Scam Investigations Committee

    InvestTechFx, how many more excuses can you think of?

    InvestTechFx, how many more excuses can you think of? InvestTechFx already had a colorful history with the FPA's reviews and Scam Investigations. In 2009, they posted fake reviews for themselves. In 2010, they got so bad about demanding that negative reviews be removed before sending money...
  4. A withdrawal problem

    i opened a silver account with them , after a a crazy lag and very slow trading server i wanted to withdraw they saidit is a one year commitment so i waited for a year to pas and then sent an emailto withdraw and i waited for few days then started to send emails every day and when i talk to the...
  5. A

    ArnieFX vs. might be a scam I would like to file a formal complaint concerning the business practices of InvesttechFX Technologies who is operating out of Toronto, Canada. It is my suspicion that they are possibly committing acts of fraud against citizens of Canada, the United...
  6. R

    Another withdraw issue with InvestTechfx

    :mad:On 16th Jan 2011, I emailed to InvestTechfx to withdraw US$6000 by wire to my bank account. 17th InvestTechfx replied that “In regard to your request, we would like to inform you that we are unable to proceed your withdrawal request since you have commited until Feb. 2011. Thank you and...
  7. F

    Resolved - Investtechfx - UNFAIR, UNFAIR, UNFAIR.

    I'm trying to get money from Investtechfx since Jan 9th 2011. My account was committed until Dec 2010. I sent them an email in Jan 2011 (commitment ended) they asked me to call their manager Mr. A... after call him, he told me my account was committed again until Dec 2011 because I did not ask...
  8. G


    I have been with Investtechfx since July 2009. Everything was fine until I started to pile up money in my account. I was accused of illegal trading in October of 2010 and my account was disabled. After weeks it was finally reopened for trading but my EA was restricted and I had to enter into...
  9. M

    Investtechfx: another withdrawal problem

    I have withdraw problem with Investtechfx as well. I requested a withdraw at the end of NOVEMBER and a week later I called them to check the status of my request and they said that it is being processed and a week later I got this massage: We would like to inform you that your account is...
  10. P

    Investtechfx Problems (Again)

    Resolved: Investtechfx Problems (Again) Resolved, Mar 10, 2011: I received payment from Investtechfx. Thank you InvestTechFX. Edit Mar 7, 2011: Investtechfx and I, with their lawyer's assistance, have to to a compromised amount. I have sent the appropriate paperwork and am now awaiting...
  11. L

    InvestTechFx withrawal problem again

    Hello everybody. I have problem with withdrawals as well. They haven't been willing to pay since months already. I used EA on my accounts. They are in a group of Scalping/EA. I paid very much commissions to them till now. They found out now that I used unauthorized, unrecognizable or...