1. P


    - After showing interest in Forex trading, I was hounded by numerous Brokers to join their platform. - After much persuasion, on 3rd March 2017, I finally deposited a minimum fund of £250.00, as per the advice of the Account Manager(AM) ( ) - I was then told that we could begin trading asap...
  2. Bhart54

    Ivory Option Kept my Withdrawal "Fraudsters"

    My experience with Ivory option owned by Patryn LTD has been a nightmare! I was passed around to approximately 9 different managers/traders. Constantly asked to bring people in at the 100K VIP Level for commissions and when I did not they bounced me somewhere else to lose more money. They...
  3. A


    I opened binary trading account with Banc De Binary and deposited £250 from my TSB account. Next day I received a call from the company called Ivory Option somehow they got my mobile number. They said we are better binary trading company than Banc De Binary so move your deposit to us. They even...
  4. D

    IvoryOption.Com Stay Away From This Scam Broker

    Ivory Option known as Ivoryoption.com is a scam broker. They will try to get you into there VIP managed Binary Option by promising you a monthly profit of 5 - 10%. They will delay you as much as possible from making withdraws so that the Credit Card/Banks cant get your money back from them...