jacob larson

  1. Attraides

    Any one heard of "Professional EA" by Jacob Larson? Scam or not?

    I discovered a YouTube channel by a person who signs his email replies as Jacob Larson. He has been posting outrageous daily profits with his Meta Trader 4 Electronic Advisor called Professional EA. Has anyone had any experience using this? It seems to good to be true. He does not use FXbook...
  2. C

    Professional EA by Jacob Larson - Scam Alert

    Hi, I would like to report Jacob Larson (assuming that is his real name) who claims to be the CEO of Professional EA. He advertises his "Professional EA" on youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDVrMj5M0grnAXCF8Z07oJg) and does not have a website. On May 16, I made contact with him on...